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It is time to partake in only authentic, beautiful, and healing love making.
When we engage in any sort of intimacy whether it is kissing or making love, it should be in total reverence, devotion to the One, honoring of the Goddess, complete adoration, respect, integrity, and pure unconditional Love.

The times of just having sex or following lust and unhealthy desires are over. It is not part of the awakening masculine and feminine.
Open to receive the codes that are already inside of your womb and your Heart. The codes of the Christ and Magdalene flame are waiting to be re-ignited.

Let go of the old ways of ... Only caring about orgasms

Trying to perform

Selfish love

Sleeping with someone because you are lonely

Giving yourself away to a love that is not sacred and in the highest alignment

Having sex to enter into states of God Consciousness, so essentially using sex to awaken but it is sourced from your ego

Hiding and protecting your heart which is what is actually blocking you from receiving the real love you deeply long for.

Now bring in the vision of what your soul truly craves
Where your body, mind, heart, and soul are a full YES.

Where you move with the deepest reverence and sacredness.

Where the whole wave of love making is one giant omni-orgasmic ride.. even if there is no physical penetration!

Where you move through all the layers, all the crevasses, all the curves of exploration and you don't leave one place untouched.

Where you eye gaze for eternity and your hearts merge in deep union with the Divine.

Where the woman opens the gates of her womb to receive the pure penetrating love of the masculine and together you open the cosmic womb of creation which brings you into the deepest embrace of the Feminine, which is what all men long for.
AND the pure penetration is what all woman crave too

NOT ego driven, goal oriented, selfish penetration that most men have been taught.

This love is possible and it is emerging more and more on our Earth at this time.
Listen to your womb speak.
Remember.. A maybe is a NO.

Don't be afraid if you say no you won't be loved.. you will actually be loved and respected even more if you are with an honorable man who is worthy of being with you.

Let us step into our radiance, empowerment, and ecstasy.
Let the feminine guide the masculine back home into the heart and the womb of the Divine Mother.

Let the sacred pillars of the masculine guide the feminine back into deep trust so we feel safe to fully open and allow the shakti to come back online.

Know that you deserve the absolute and most incredible mythic love and you are worthy to receive this and it IS possible.

Make a commitment with me right now to never compromise yourself ever again. That you will ONLY engage in what is in the absolutely highest for your evolution and growth. To only be in an emotionally honest and deeply loving relationship that is nourishing to your heart, body, and soul on ALL levels. These are the relationships that will bring balance back to this Earth and peace to our Hearts.




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