By Torkom Saraydarian

If you are not healing the three vehicles of the personality, you are not healing. You can heal the body for a few days, a few months, or one life, but then the symptom appears again in the next life in worse conditions. You are going to heal the three bodies together.

If you heal only your body, you will suffer ten times more in the astral plane with your astral sicknesses. These things are not spoken of in medicine, in psychology, philosophy, this or that. They are hallucinating that they are healing. If you take the cancer of a man but the roots of the cancer are in his astral body, he will face cancer again in the next life.

Pure healing is to make your mental, emotional, and physical bodies totally organized and in rhythm, in resonance with the spirit that is within you. Your spirit will eventually make your body, emotions, and mind totally fused with your Self. You become whole.

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