By Toni Petrinovich

Most people spend their lives searching for what they call their “soulmate” or “twin flame”. How easy it is to create those ideologies due to the human belief in loneliness.


In truth, no one can ever fulfill for you that which you believe you need. You are the only one who can respect yourself enough to feel that being alone is not only okay, it is also the primary aspect in which you observe and witness yourself as the One.


Isn’t that a grand thought? To realize that you are the One. That no one and nothing needs to be added to you to create a sense of completeness?


There is only you, no matter how much you might want to look outside yourself for another. Sometimes people feel that their attachment to a loved one is the fulfilling of love. Just the opposite – rather than love, it is attachment and dependency.


When you are able to be alone with yourself, know the Self and create space in your life everyday to love yourself as that Self, the desire to “not be alone” disappears because you realize that you are not ever alone. The idea of changing the word “alone” to “all one” has some appeal, yet it is another way to avoid looking at the solitary life of aloneness.


Aloneness is blessed. It can be experienced in a crowd or sitting in a room with your beloved. The aloneness reminds you that the divine nature you are is the perfect place to be in each moment. Nothing is needed. Nothing is desired. You are.


Perhaps you are already easy with yourself being alone. Or perhaps you wish you weren’t alone. In either case, check in to see how many minutes in the day you revel in your aloneness. If there is a place where you can go to be truly quiet without outside interference. Then check in with your senses.


The feelings you have in this silent aloneness acquaints you with the possibility of living alone within even if you are in a partnered relationship or spending most of your day in the midst of many people. Often it is when you are with others that you begin to realize how alone you can feel. And that is mentioned in a very positive way rather than saying, “I’m alone even in a crowd,” as though you are experiencing loneliness, which as we just mentioned above, is not the same thing at all as the aloneness we discuss today.


Bring into your life this sacred, holy awareness of being truly alone. You come into this world absolutely alone and leave this world in the same way. No matter how many people are in your life through family or friends, reveling in the awareness of you only happens when you are alone. Then, nothing is needed. Nothing is desired. You are.

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