By Terri Morehu

Relationships are under the microscope at the moment with the energies that are affecting the earth. Many are getting slammed as the purging and purification continues. No stone is going to be left upturned at this time. Our historic anger towards one another and the roles we have played has shaped our current landscape as a society. Causing many of both sexes to operate from passive aggressive tendencies towards one another.


The divine feminine at this stage of her evolution as she comes forward to claim her highest expression may very well be called to help her male counterparts heal. She maybe called to hold a space so the wounded male can heal from the wounds of the shadow mother and from the resentment he may still be carrying that gets projected out to all the woman of the world.


When the masculine energy is struggling to step into their hearts and shed their armor we as the nurture bearers are called to hold space while they learn how to release themselves from this old primal way of operating and reclaim their true essence and step into love. This is new territory for them and they at times are struggling to give birth to their essential nature and allow the sacredness of their vulnerability to flow. It's not that they are not willing they often do not know how at times to free themselves from unconscious aspects of provider, protector, of dominance and control.


We hold in our hands the grace of the divine mother. We can assist him by showing up and supporting the building of healthy self esteem as they heal the poison of those ancient wounds so sacredness and respect can be restored once again. We can hold patience in one hand while still retaining and demonstrating healthy boundaries for ourselves and them in the other.


The male energy is collectively being called to start viewing females in higher esteem and the feminine is being called to stop the blaming/ shaming and help them rise from the ashes of their self destructive tendencies. Aggressive, forcefulness, competitiveness and superiority is the way of the old world and base chakra responses. We can help each other rise above and bridge the holy gap between our unhealthy and healthy responses and learn to collectively trust in our counterparts.


It takes real courage to face ourselves under the light of truth and honesty . It's only the brave that walk the path and as we do we must remember we are all struggling to turn up at times authentically when we are still running from old historic programmes and wounds. Yet we can be a blessing and re educate one another as we each take responsibility for our own part in each others story. We can turn up to each other with integrity leading the march because without this it is meaningless.


It is time to collectively make amends for the many wrong doings we have done to one another throughout time. It's time to allow compassion for each other to stumble as we remember we are still learning a completely new way of being as we make our way back to wholeness.

As we awaken together we can collectively celebrate one another again. We can attune to a deeper sacred form of interconnectiveness and Oneness that is encoded in our bones. It's all just sleeping inside of us waiting to be awakened.


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