By Terri Morehu

Often times when we heal, what we once called a wound now becomes a gift.

What we once called unfair becomes a blessing.
What we once called heartache now becomes strength.
What we once called dis-empowerment now becomes mastery.
What we once called unconscious now becomes wisdom.
What we once called anger now becomes assertiveness.
What we once called darkness now becomes light.
What we once called judgement now becomes understanding.

In this world of duality the soul needs the contradictions and full range of experiences to actualize itself, this is the unraveling nature of awakening and the dance we do in this polarized realm. When we feel devoid of light we must remind ourselves we need darkness for the stars to shine upon the backdrop of this world we live in. That we are always making steps back home to our essence regardless of how the outside picture looks in the moment. We are always making our way back to wholeness and understanding our contradictions as we love them and integrate them back into our heart of compassion.

One of the greatest measures is knowing that when we transform we see we are both simultaneously all of these things yet none of them.


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