By Sheleana Aiyana

Imagine if we were to stop blaming men for trying to keep us down and start looking out for the ones who choose to hold us high.

What if we chose to celebrate the men who ARE taking a stand for women's rights.

The men who are amazing partners, husbands and fathers.

The men who are suffering at the hands of blanket feminism and aggression towards their gender when they are in this fight with us.

What about the men who will stand in line to buy their partner tampons, the men who catch their own babies and make soup when the family is sick?

The men who are sensitive, empathic souls. Men who cry often yet don’t feel safe to express themselves in our masculine dominant culture.

Let’s celebrate the men who aren’t afraid to check their ego at the door and hold reverence for something bigger than they are.

The men who are emotionally mature and know what it means to hold space like a boss.

What do we say to all of the men who are living their lives as an apology for the misdeeds of other men in our culture?

Or to the men who will cross the road at night so a woman doesn't feel unsafe on the sidewalk.

Let’s acknowledge the men who will defend a woman on the street if they see she is being threatened

The men who will do whatever it takes to protect the people they love, and the men who will go out of their way to help a stranger.

Celebrate the men who show up with their hearts open and put in the work to make a relationship great.

The men who will walk through the fire when it’s blazing hot, who won’t run when the going gets hard.

How about a celebration for all of the men who DO give a fuck.

Ladies - let's celebrate those dudes so hard. Make love to them, appreciate them and marry the shit out of them.

And if they’d rather marry men, let’s support the hell out of them. Let’s stand with them, fight for them, and remember that we are all in this together.

There are good ones left.

Tag a good man whom you trust and respect.


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