By Ryan Heart

If you’ve woken up to the truth of the world and all you see is love, then you’re fast asleep in a world of ignorance.


If you have woken to the truth and you feel that the depth of beauty present in our world is so huge that it’s a burden, a beautiful burden to carry, then you’re halfway there.


If you carry this burden of beauty then you will know of the power of your heart and how standing in such truth requires a most powerful integrity. You will know this because you will feel it flooding all your bodily systems. You will be overflowing with unbridled emotional power.


If you have woken up to the actual truth you will carry two burdens. One will break you internally with the depth of connection to The Great Spirit. The other will break you with the depth of the lie that has been with this world for untold ages.


Waking up is not easy and fun. Waking up is horrific and terrible and shattering and most people that truly wake up must suffer such huge loses and carry such weight that the vast majority of our folk will never contemplate such an attempt let alone act on such a calling.



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