By Ryan Heart

Don’t sink into loneliness. 


Yes you are alone in this world and the gift you have to share is worthy of healing many energies, many lands, and many people. 


You have a wonderful voice and a powerful message and keep singing that balanced harmony of healing even if it appears that your song is being sung to the deaf. 


Tune into that beat you hear within the earth and the forest, that beat you feel within your heart that calls you to climb mountains and plunge into ice cold rivers. Give into that pulse within all life you feel from the radiant fire you sit by. 


Yes you are alone. But do not deny your gift. Remember that the most powerful strength within you is your soft touch, your openness to beauty and the river that flows through you and beyond you. 


Breathe in the love you need to clean out the crust that is forming around your heart and breathe in the love you need to sustain your direction along this lonely path. 


Yes you are alone but you are not unheard. Those around you who you wish to hear may not hear. Those around you who you wish to connect with may be out of reach. Those you feel need to heal may not want to leave their pain. 


Life is listening and life embraces you and life is intimately involved in you! I know it has not been easy and I know the coarse grit of the grinding need to be touched, to be heard, to simply receive a hug so that someone out there may see the depth you’ve worked so hard to explore within the mystery of your magic. 


I know you’re alone, and now is the time to trust. I know you already do, but it is time to trust just a little bit more. Let go a little bit more. Breathe a little deeper. Open up a little bit more. And break your heart just a little further as that seed that is growing needs just a little bit more light.


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