By Ralph Marston

The world you see is a reflection of what you think of it. The values by which you live are continually coming back to you.


Your life embodies those ideas to which you give your complete and persistent attention. A life sincerely focused upon peace and happiness is a life filled with peace and happiness.


Whatever you support with your actions and thoughts, you experience in the moments and days of your life. Whether desire or fear, curiosity or obsession, your thoughts pull you steadfastly toward your reality.


You are, right now, busy becoming the person you think you will become. Today, already and always, you are living the life you most authentically expect to live.


The simple act of intentionally deciding upon a destination will point you solidly in that direction. A small adjustment in your attitude can make a major difference in your world.


Anything is possible. What actually happens in your life is an accurate reflection of how you see yourself living it.


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