By Osho

Whenever the mind feels any danger for it, it starts creating fantasies of escaping, going here and there, and alternatives.


This place is a death to the mind; that has to be understood deeply. Because the mind is the problem; there is no other problem and I don’t solve any other problems.


I solve the problem of problems: the mind.


To be in the mind is to be in problems. To be without the mind is to be beyond problems.


So the question is not of solving this problem or that. You can solve a thousand problems and again a thousand will simply bubble up.


Problems arise out of the mind just as leaves come out of a tree – so we cut the roots! The mind naturally becomes very much frightened.


To the mind it looks crazy, mad; what is going on?

And from the mind’s standpoint it is mad and it is crazy.


No-mind looks like craziness to the mind.

The mind is a hoarder.

It does not want to lose anything.


And only losers can win in this game – nobody else!


The mind is a miser. It wants to protect your past, your clinging, your possessiveness, your anger, your jealousy. It wants to cling to everything that has been there although it has been just miserable, really.


But the mind even clings to the misery. Anything familiar is good; it may be hell. Anything unfamiliar and the mind is frightened; it may be heaven itself!


That’s why very few people enter heaven: they cannot, because they cling to hell.


And I don’t see any reason why people should be so miserable; there is no reason in fact. But they cling to their misery and whenever an opportunity comes to be happy they won’t listen to that opportunity; they will become completely deaf to that opportunity. They cannot afford to be happy because to be happy they will have to leave the old-mind, and that seems too much of a price. My whole work here is to hammer on the mind.


Yes, it is mind-washing... with only one difference.


Mind-washing has been used by Adolf Hitler, by Joseph Stalin, by Mao Tse Tung. They use mind-washing to create another mind. They take away your ideologies so that they can put another ideology in its place. The capitalist’s mind has to be replaced by a communist mind or by a fascist mind. The hindu mind has to be replaced by a mohammedan mind or the mohammedan mind has to be replaced by a christian mind. Down the ages priests and politicians have used mind-washing, but they simply change the mind from one to another mind.


Here, we simply destroy the mind and leave you alone. We don’t replace it because replacing is meaningless: it is changing one disease for another.


Mindlessness is freedom.


And that’s what has been done by Sufis and Zen masters and Hassids – the real masters have always done this. They take away the mind and then don’t replace it by anything; they don’t give you any substitute.


It is very difficult to accept the idea that one can live in total emptiness without a mind, but that is where bliss happens.


That is the place to go, the space to be... that is another name for god.....


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