By Meno

Look deeply at everything

in your life. 


Pour out your heart, mind, intellect

and soul into everything you do, 

big or small, and see how the world will

open so many doors for you. 


Open your eyes and see the possibilities

for beauty to enter into your life.


This life is for loving, sharing, learning,

smiling, caring, forgiving, laughing,

hugging, helping, dancing, wondering, 

healing, and even more loving. 


Choose to live life this way.


The soil of life has brought you forth,

and now,

you are the soil of love.


It's through the cuts that we suffer in life,

that we are opened up,

so that seeds of compassion may be

planted and love may bloom from the

wounds were we once bled. 


You are that blissful sacrifice

that can fill hearts,

and heal with the waters 

from your soulful tears. 


You are potential infinite beauty,

you just need to claim it with actions, 

not fears.


Life is ready when you are,

to fill you with exquisite and abundant joy

beyond any physical treasures,

riches or wealth.


Say you will, and step into the choice

that elevates you to be your best 

and highest self.


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