By Mark Groves

The more you understand why you do what you do, the more empowered you can be....


Self-awareness is the birthplace of true transformation. You can change a behaviour because you know it’s not productive or getting you the results you want. You don’t have to know why you do the things you do… But the reason understanding why is so empowering is because it often sheds light on the fact that most of our behaviours that aren’t healthy were learned when we were too young to know any better.


Awareness of why shows us it’s not our fault… but it doesn’t remove the responsibility of changing. That’s on us. When the why comes from past pain then the shame of “I’m broken and not a good person” shifts to, “Wow, I see why I have been this way. I’m going to change now because I can learn a different behaviour just as simply.”


Remember, your wounds are likely not your fault, but what you do with them is your responsibility.


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