By Liara Covert

Notice who you are is always here but is easily missed. When Alice fears and then falls down the rabbit hole, she gets disoriented, loses her points of reference in another world. In essence, the flow of energy or attention shifts, is dispersed in multiple directions. Each unique character in Wonderland represents equally valid directions of the flow. Feel what it is entering a worm hole, 'Rolling in the Deep' or flowing as infinite waters; one is symbolically reconnecting with the center, singularity or Source energy that never goes anywhere. There comes a point when you realize where you think you are going is where you are already, where what you think is happening has already been. The active Mind is creating 'you' and the impression something is happening. Being taught to work toward things actually shifts the flow of energy and expands being until reaching 'the tipping point' where pulses and then flow 'returns to the sender.' It hits that whenever a decision arises, both options unfold energetically in different directions. Yet your conscious awareness may only be focused on the unfolding events from what you choose, parallel realities are unfolding simultaneously. Everyone is another version of you living another option available in this choose your own adventure. Every unfolding event comes full circle.

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