By Kate Rose

Love isn’t always about what’s right 
It’s not about her being right
Or even him
It’s not about how good it looks
Or even how many it pleases
It’s not about the dates
Or even gifts
It’s not about the length of time
Or even similarities 
Because at the end of the day when you’re crawling into bed with someone who you truly love
None of that matters
Except what’s in front of you
That particular person
And the energy you create together
It’s about the obstacles that are overcome
The value someone adds to our life
And how we feel 
Love is about the soul connection we feel with another
It’s about throwing out all the reasons why not
Because they are the only why that matters
It’s the love that makes everything else irrelevant 
But we forget that sometimes 
We try to make logic out of something that can’t be explained
And in the process we sometimes forget it’s the love that matters most
It’s the time spent together
The understanding 
And the way our body fits with another 
It’s in focusing on
In remembering 
That we don’t love someone because they are exactly like us
But because they bring something to our lives no one else does
And once we realize that
Then the only right that truly matters
Is how we feel when we’re together
The moment when there is only love.

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