By Jude

The world doesn't revolve around one person.... so say the Ancient Ones. We are on this journey together. Our soul signatures connecting with others who resonate with our vibration, rubbing against those who challenge us.


The challenges do help us grow within this lifetime, to know what we want, and conversely, what we don't want. The thing is that when souls rub against each other,  judgements form. Therefore, seeing deeper, further within someone, beyond their personality, will at the very least,  

see tolerance, and hopefully, acceptance and understanding. We ARE all human and in our humanity we fall, we fail, we crawl, we cry.... and we stand again.  We succeed and we learn that lesson of life, and we move on.


Many think they are not learning and yet, every moment lived we learn something. We change something... we express something. The ability to be the Alchemist and transform something as basic as judgement, into something golden and lovely, is in our hands. You/me/we are not defined by the journey we have taken thus far. We are defined in this moment, by what is in our hearts now. Always..... ALWAYS a work in progress as we keep discovering more of our tribe. A tribe full of Goddesses, healers, witches, gardeners, chefs, artists, CEO's, labourers,.. Everyone.


It is the soul that is the important bit, and the remembering of the journey we came here to do, with love. We won't always get it right, but it's important to keep going.




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