By Jordi Lydia Klassen, Inner Awakenings, SHE

It is imperative to our evolution that we remember where it is that we come from. 

It is stifling our evolution as human beings, and the Earth in which we live upon to continue to suppress, compress, confine and dehumanize that in which is our natural nature and the Truth of our existence. 

We are conceived through the act of sex, 

We are created from the coming together of two parts, 

We are implanted within the Mother, 

We are carried within the waters of the womb.

We are fed by the Mother, 

We are nourished by the Mother, 

We are actualized and validated through the sight of the Mother and Father, 

We are spoken into being through the voices of what came together to create us. 

If there is poison in the waters, in the tone, in the fluids, in the nourishment; we will be a byproduct of this poison. 

If we continue to unconsciously consume, we will continue creating waves of unconsciousness, continuing the spreading and birthing of sickness. We will enable this poison to continue to be woven through the ancestral lines. 

If we do not acknowledge the necessity of healing and discovery of the Truth of ones being, we will carry forward through the wounds of the Mother and Father. 

If we do not prioritize our beings as individuals, we will continue to create generations seeking and in need of dependency, forgetting their power, lowering themselves to a standard that is furthering themselves from their potential. 

If we do not become accountable for the poison within the Earth and her Waters, our children will not have the environment to grow within. 

Our children will not have the atmosphere to breathe within. 

Our children are worthy of thriving, 

Our children are worthy of freedom, 

Our children are worthy of experiencing the truth of love, 

Our children are worthy of receiving Mothers and Fathers embodying their authenticity, their potential, their love, their happiness, their freedom, and leading by thriving. 

It is imperative that we remember where it is that we come from. 

It is in our own hands that the foundation for the future resides. 

Our children our not our future unless we create the foundation for them. 

Our future is in our own hands, here, in this now.

Do not pass along the burden of what has been any further. 

The shift happens in the now. Within you. Within here, within this space of presence. 

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