By Jane Nguyen

Dear woman,


You were brought up to believe that you have to be a certain way to be accepted, approved and loved.


You were taught that who you were and what you had wasn’t enough.


You’ve lived your life through everyone else’s expectations but your own.


You were taught to believe that your voice wasn’t valid and your boundaries weren’t respected.


You were taught that because they were adults, they were always right.


You were told how to behave and to fit in.


You were told that good girl wasn’t meant to be bossy and that anger was a bad thing.


You were told off for being ‘too loud’, ‘too naughty’, ’too demanding’, ’too needy’, ’too clingy’, ‘too much’ …only to believe that being less than ‘perfect’ wasn’t an option


You grew up believing that your body had to look a certain way…that cellulite and stretch marks were your biggest enemies, that not having the ‘perfect’ body meant that you weren’t gonna be accepted or loved.


You learnt to hate your body into years of shame, abuse, judgments an criticisms.


You found yourself falling into arms of bad boys and emotionally unavailable men who treated you next to nothing because that was what you believed you deserved.


You spent years searching for love, only to realise that you were just as empty and alone being with someone.


You’ve tried everything you could to numb the pain inside, from food to shopping, from TV, sex, drugs or anything else you could get your hands on, so you couldn’t feel.


So you started to wear masks and pretended that your life was all perfect


You couldn’t let yourself be seen imperfect or vulnerable because that brought up all of your childhood wounds.


You put on fake smiles, living your life to impress people, only to come home to emptiness and self loathing.


You ran away from yourself for so long that you have no idea who you are anymore.




Beautiful gorgeous woman, you can’t run away from yourself.


The deepest parts of you that you've denied have the most potent lessons of all


This journey that you’re on is NOT about finding love but BEING LOVE 

and seeing all the beauty, magnificence and divinity that are already within


It’s NOT about finding a place to belong but to come Home to your heart


It’s about letting go of everyone else’s expectations of you so you can stop being a perfectionist and start being a god damn human being


It’s about letting go of your own projections so you can have a true relationship with someone, and not a projections of yourself.


It’s about trusting in your voice and your truths, even when your body is shaken and your voice is trembling.


It’s about being the rebel, being wild and risking it all…just so you can really see how capable and powerful you really are


It’s about standing out and being proud so that you can give others permission to do the same


It’s about expressing yourself fully without filters because all emotions are good and it’s healthy to do so


It’s about seeing perfection as a crazy illusion and life is too fucking boring living like that


It’s about falling in love with yourself, your body, cellulites, stretch marks and whatever else that comes with. Because that in itself is a goddamn art


It’s about trusting in your body, your feelings and emotions because those parts have the biggest wisdom of all.


It’s about surrendering into love, pleasures and desires and to realise that you deserve all of these and more


It’s about taking those masks and being witnessed in all your power, weaknesses and glory.


It’s about being still in this moment and to absorb everything in, no running away, no hiding, no faking, no pretending…just BE




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