By Jan Irvin

Live and walk in Truth
Do you feel good about yourself and your general direction in life? Are you honest to yourself and loved ones and those around you about your affairs? How’s your health? Do you suffer physical or mental diseases or afflictions? Do you self-loath? Are you prone to name-calling or attacking others when they make you see truth, or question yourself and your beliefs? Do you live for the long term survival of your family? Or do you live for short term self-gratification? Is your house divided, or strong? Do you terrorize others with your past traumas? Or do you forgive, so that you can be forgiven? Do you demand others abide by or keep your lies? Do you disrespect others without first hearing them out, or verifying what they say?

If you say yes to any of these, you could use more honesty in your life. But don’t feel bad. We all can.

Nature has a wonderfully uncomplicated way of showing us whether something is the truth, or a lie. Because there are no contradictions in nature, a contradiction is always a lie or an error in our thinking, or in the information we’re receiving. When we understand this simple fact it builds our self-confidence as we always know that when we see a contradiction in our thinking we simply need to look deeper into the information rather than pretending (lying to ourselves) that we can’t know. We often hear “Opinions are like… expletive” as an excuse for not thinking more deeply, or for not being honest about the facts.

Simple tools to aid us in finding Truth are these questions: WHO? WHAT? WHERE? WHEN? -Once you have this information, you can begin to understand the WHY of a particular subject and HOW it happened, and make proper decisions accordingly – that is, if you’re honest and humble about what you find.

When we lie to ourselves and others, our lives become more complicated. If we lie about our diets, our health deteriorates. If we lie to our families, we cause strife and division in our homes. If we lie about facts and research, we become easy prey to false ideas and beliefs and values. When we lie about our finances, we have money troubles.

Pay attention to your thoughts. Do you justify eating bad, sugary foods or foods with grains? Is your diet based on dogma and religious beliefs, rather than for performance and good health? Do you buy things you know you can’t afford? Do you justify lying to a family member over a love affair? Do you create false labels and titles and excuses to avoid taking responsibility for your actions and behavior? Do you pretend your pets are children when you really want a family?

When we live and walk in Truth, our lives become less complicated. Our health immediately returns. Our finances become more secure. Our families become more secure. Our troubles become less and less often. And our future becomes bright.

You can have the life you want. You don’t have to be miserable.
Live and walk in Truth.


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