By James Van Praagh

The physical body is a product of this material dimension. It is created on Earth using elements like carbon, hydrogen, and calcium. It is vulnerable; it has limitations and a finite life span. Your higher self has chosen to inhabit it to have experiences that the spirit world does not offer. What you see in the mirror is only a vehicle. The real you is perfect, limitless, and eternal. It is connected to everyone and everything you see. The ability to contact your guides and their knowledge is omnipresent, but you must do your part to access their wisdom. You are encouraged to be receptive to the guidance that is your Birthright. Meditation, sitting in silence, and asking to receive advice during the dream state are all ways to establish contact with your higher self and guides. Use these tools that have been granted to you. Don't be discouraged by the Earthly distractions placed between you and your guides. Practice developing the sacred relationship. You'll find that life becomes much easier when you have daily communication with your guides.


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