By James Marshall

You want “spirituality”



Soul mates

And twin flames


You want

The perfected state 

The unperturbed 

Presence and 

Unconditional love


But do you want truth?


Real truth

Truth borne out

Of brokenness


That you finally see

When you hit

The lowest of the low.


Or is your spirituality 

Another costume

That you are wearing

To be someone

To make sense 

To be accepted





I can’t help

But sense

That this search

We are all on

In the name

Of spirituality

Is just a clever way

To avoid 

Having our hearts

So broken open

That the very dirt 

Beneath our feet




We fear the pain

Of this breaking

So much.

How could it be

That the darkest 

Or most mundane parts

Of our existence

Are also breathtakingly



How could it be

That our memories 

Our bodies

Our relationships 

Our lack of meaning

Our addictions 

Our patterns of sabotage 

Are actually divine jewels?


The sheer divinity 

Of reality 

Just as it is

Is so overwhelming 

For the mind

That the concepts

Of “spirituality”

We create 

And so loyally follow 

Become another shield 

Of protection.


Better to drop down

To the lowest point

Naked of all pretense 

Completely defeated 

Unable to adhere to

Any form of spirituality 

And then just wait 

Until your eyes 

Open up.


If there is such a thing

As “spirituality”

This is it.

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