By Humberto Braga

The eternal truth remains: you must prioritize peace, healing, harmony, and connection within yourself if you want to see it manifest throughout society. No agency or institution will ever do it for you, and we cannot afford to delay it any longer. When’s the last time you took time off to do nothing but feel and deeply connect? Feel your breath, your body, your suppressed emotions, your surroundings, and beyond. Listen to the divine wisdom which speaks to you in the calm stillness. Drop all pretense and simply be with what is.


You know what will happen if you don’t. You will remain false, stressed, distracted, and unhealthy, imagining that living this way is somehow keeping you safe. You will pass away each day absent from yourself, having gained nothing of lasting significance, acting as little more than a messy bundle of habits and memories. You must pull yourself away from the hypnotic social brainwashing which objectifies you and the world as mere externalized commodities. You have the capacity for so much more.


We did not evolve to be constantly busy, drugged, disassociated, and stressed. You must prioritize the felt connection to your present experience. You must cultivate the inner awareness to bring yourself back when you’re out of alignment. You must clear away the energy of others you have taken on. Give yourself the gift of your wholeness - completely and unapologetically. Leave your familiar surroundings if need be. Go where your authenticity and sensitivity is celebrated.


You have to feel in order to heal. Your pain is not a burden to be ignored; it is a testament of your enduring strength which deserves to be cared for. Being sensitive is not a weakness; it's the most courageous thing you can do in an insensitive world. Your healing is not an occasional luxury; it's the foremost priority for your soul. Remember what truly matters.


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