By Henri Nawrocki

Being as you are without an agenda of getting away from this moment is what I consider one of the most important spiritual practices.


When we try so hard to evolve and succeed we simply postpone the opportunity for more nurture, appreciation and love in this moment.


As we embrace ourselves right now without denying the pain and discomfort that is natural on our healing journey, we learn that there is nothing to run away from.


Respecting our humanness and the soul’s sometimes challenging process of incredible growth is not something that we can skip with any form of spiritual realization.


As I commune with the universe in my silent sittings that don’t have the agenda of actualizing bliss or liberation, I evermore receive the importance of allowing our integration and healing to occur and be lovingly embraced.


Paradoxically it seems to me that the desire to speed up our journey of spiritual growth and realization often arises when we overlook the powerful simplicity of loving ourselves ever more deeply and building the most heart-centered relationship with every aspect that has felt abandoned and misunderstood.


Within my being there is a deep knowing that the divine naturally and effortlessly evermore wakes up within me as I simultaneously honor every facet of this precious human journey.


Because truly the human journey is real and acts as an opportunity to see the divine reality dance in form with endless expression and in my opinion should be celebrated as that by making loving and empowered choices for the well-being of all.


Labeling everything that I see, feel and experience as an illusion on the other hand is simply not serving my ever growing ability to give myself completely to this moment and everything it contains.


These writings come from my heart and my own intuitive guidance that I evermore learn to respect and honor as truth for my journey.


That being said, everyone’s journey is unique and orchestrated with divine precision. These posts don’t have the intention of disrespecting anyone with a different perspective and approach.


They are shared simply to encourage you to look within and truly inquire what feels true to your heart even if that is not identical to someone else’s journey.


I do feel that it’s easy at times to be pulled into the current of doing things “right” instead of exploring the waters of your innermost heart that has already carved the way for your most magnificent destiny to unfold.


In my perspective, our world will truly thrive the moment we step into our unique truth that we are willing to stand for as doing so allows a new, fresh and all-inclusive paradigm to be born that respects and honors every being on this planet.


All for love and all together for a new world where everybody is seen, respected and honored deeply for the magnificent sparkle of our one eternal soul that joyfully celebrates this glorious evolution.


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