By Daniel Nielsen

Selfless, caring, compassionate, understanding, non-judging, non-demanding, patient, always forgiving, pure, true, unconditional love.

Imagine if we practiced this type of love in ALL our relationships. How different this world would be!

Loving unconditionally is a shift in attitude from being self-centered to one of being selfless. It’s caring about another person’s happiness as if it were your own.

But selflessness doesn’t mean you don’t love yourself or that you don’t receive anything back in return. When you love without setting conditions you give from a place of emotional and spiritual wholeness. And when you are whole you give love out of your wholeness, and not from a dysfunctional or broken place.

An important factor in loving unconditionally is being connected to the source of love. Fickle human emotions are not the true source no matter how highly developed they may be. In fact, emotions will often get in the way. But by connecting to the divine, you are given the ability to love BEYOND yourself and your human limitations.

If you are dependent on your feelings and emotions alone to give love, you will invariably fall short. Only God, the source of love, can bring you inner peace and fill your cup to overflowing when you feel you have no more to give. Knowing the source allows you to draw from a bottomless well that never runs dry.

To make a conscious choice and love unconditionally is our highest calling, our primary purpose for being here. When we can love in this fashion, we’ll see a change take place on this planet. Heaven and earth will meet. And our souls will be set free to be who we were always created to be … creatures of the heart, light-bringers in. a dark world, wayfarers journeying back home to love.

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