By Caroline de Lisser

She is Maiden, Mother and Crone 

In one…


You will recognize her because she

makes genuine eye contact with whomever she meets…

She is not afraid to be direct and honest about how she feels

She charts her own course

And is willing to meet whatever comes

Because she has faith in her journey

She’s aware of her own strength

She delights in enabling the wellbeing and the empowerment of others


But she refuses to subject herself to energy drainers…

She sees through bullshit instantly 

She knows how to protect herself

She is obedient to her own inner knowing,

She is willing to break the rules made by others

in order to be authentic to herself


Her truth comes directly through her heart

She uses her mind as the servant to manifest it

She is inwardly and outwardly aware

She responds more than she reacts

She no longer waters illusory drama

She no longer feels the need to control what is

She is deeply connected to her creative source

She is her own work of art in progress

She can create beauty from whatever is in front of her

She is in tune with her intuition and instinctual body

She lives in the present


Because she is willing to relinquish the past

And allow the future the space it needs to unfold

She understands that life is an ever changing flow from one moment to the next...

She willingly goes with it.

She feels deeply connected to the earth and stays close to nature,


She recognizes that she is not separate from it...

Being connected to nature is essential for her health and wellbeing

She has simplified her life

Released the non-essentials so that she can be spacious and free

She values her aloneness,

She waters her soul with it


But she also

values quality time with like minded souls

She doesn’t need a man to complete her

Her relationships are on an equal basis of respect and sharing

Unbridled sensual pleasure…

She has no time for gossip

She’s invested in raising the sisterhood up rather than cutting it down

She celebrates the beauty and power in other women

She celebrates the beauty and power within herself

She is just as willing to receive as she is to give

She fills her own cup for herself and overflows it for others

She understands the futility of unsolicited advice

So she shares her wisdom through living it

She envisions the healing of the world

She offers her gifts as a contribution towards it


Love is her religion

Unity is her gospel

Laughter is her grace

She loves to play through her inner child

Sing and dance through her inner maiden

She nurtures her body mind and spirit daily through her inner mother


Others seek her for her wisdom

Are irresistibly drawn to her unpredictable mystery

They feel seen and accepted in her steady gaze…

Peaceful in her sacred space

They are shocked by her irreverent humor

But secretly inspired, uplifted,

Given permission to be themselves...


She is Maiden, Mother and Crone 

In one

She is Goddess.


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