By Carmen Meera

A Woman present in her body, that sacred temple for the spirit, is full of confidence. 

She opens fully to a man who is fully and actively present and in his total integrity.


Her sacred feminine does not allow her little girl need for attention, love or emotional upliftment via sex to over-ride her heart and body's truth. 

She honours her temple like the most sacred instrument of Life.


She doesn't need to swap sex for love. 

She IS LOVE and she knows it and feels it.


And only another of the same loving vibration naturally enters fully into her.


for Women - if you have not stepped foot into your sacred feminine decide today that now is the moment to embrace the fullness of the divine woman that you were born to Be. 

Let her live you, let her make honouring decisions for you, let her speak through you and let her move you into action.


for Men - if you have not embraced the feminine body's innate feedback, decide to honour this from today. 

Remember that if she is closed in her body to you, it is not because there is something wrong with you, but because she is calling you to be ALL of you and share That with her, and nothing less.


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