By Bashar

The more you allow yourself to become

who and what you are,

the more natural you become,

the more truthful to yourself you become,

the more representative you become

of the facet of the Infinite you were created to be... 

Then the easier it will be for your reality

when it becomes more chaotic

to be able to reflect to you

those aspects of the chaos

that have to do with you

and are important to apply in your life

and those aspects of the chaos

that don't have to do with you

and which you can let go of.

These will reveal themselves.


You will see a new organization coming in,

a new organizing principle

that will let you know through synchronicity

which things you need to pay attention to,

which things you can let go of,

which things are no longer necessary in your life... 

Things, that perhaps, in the past

you have been taught you need to hold on to... 

you now can begin to really let go of

so that you can understand that the most important aspect

of being able to handle the new chaos,

the amplified and magnified chaos,

that is going on in your society

will be to streamline yourself... 

let go of excess baggage.

It will seem as if you are becoming, in a sense,


and that you must trim off anything

that doesn't belong to you

or you will not really be able to ride the wave smoothly.

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