By Bashar

For as you dive off of that diving board of familiarity,

resistance in the dive will only allow you to hit the water hard,

grace in the dive will allow you

to slip through the surface of the water... effortlessly.


You are all on the edge of the diving board,

now, in this time and place on your planet,

the changes have begun... the changes that are happening now,

and the changes that will continue,

it is up to you... each and every single individual one of you,

as to how you will experience the event of every change,

the changes in and of themselves

do not have to manifest in any particular way.


Change will occur.

The methodology... the presentment,

the effect of how you experience the change

is up to whether or not you dive with resistance or dive gracefully... 

but dive you will!


Because you have decided to dive,

you have placed yourself by choice on the edge of the board,

you have invited the unknown into your reality

and it has answered your invitation... do not fear it.

It is what you want,

it is what you have asked for,

it is what you have prayed for...


Do not fear the form in which it comes,

it comes in the form it needs to come in

for you to be challenged... for you to grow,

each and every one of you according to your kind,

according to your belief... according to your vibration.


Embrace the unknown... embrace the change,

within it you will find the rest of yourself.

We salute you for your courage... and your strength

and your boldness... to have chosen such a challenging world,

it only shows you that you are that powerful

that you knew your power would be sufficient

to handle the challenges this world presents to you.


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