By Ashley Aurora

My Brothers, we need you, we miss you, come home, come back to your heart. Women are rising for sure, but you are meant to rise and heal with us. If men en masse do not choose to awaken and return to living within the embodiment of Love, this planet will continue to be enslaved by violence, insanity and energetic soul possession. This paradigm shift is not just for women, this is for all of us. Come and sit with us as we share our stories and mend this broken web.

Connecting with your Inner Feminine and your Inner Shadow are your greatest tools of healing. Surrender, embrace, relax and accept. Still your mind. Observe your thoughts without judgement. Learn to listen and communicate with your Inner Feminine, learn how to make intimate love to her. Hold space for her wounds and embrace her sorrow. Go slow and move into the depth of your Heart. Cry through the trauma your body releases.

This is not a race. Go slow, embrace. Get back into your body and train yourself to become One with your Breath. Move and feel into all the places in your body that you have shut down. Heal your addictions to lust and recognize that the women you hunt after are only external reflections of your desire to be in an intimate relationship with your Inner Feminine. Only until this happens, will you truly discover and receive an external relationship that is built upon trust, surrender, intimacy and spiritual growth and transformation.

The Unseen Ones need you to be locked within their matrix programs of patriarchy. You have done their dirty work. But we stand in Presence, already in forgiveness, already, whether you know it or not, supporting you. Do not allow them to occupy your mind any further. Take your Power Back and Own your Shit.

Remember, this is not a race. Go slow, embrace.


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