By Ara Campbell

"Maybe it is only after great separation and longing that we are able to fully see and appreciate.

Maybe that’s why the lovers clay is divided.


Maybe in finding that individual perspective separate of the other, in becoming whole into one’s own truth and loving the very fabric of one’s own being we become all that we need. We learn the lessons necessary to become the truest versions of ourselves.


In that moment of seeing our own truth and brilliance we are able to recognize at long last the clay form of the other and are able fully open to them in a powerful, soul deep homecoming.


In this total love for our own clay, even in the depths of our loneliness, at long last we can clearly see. When we shine in our own light we draw to us the other.


But how would we have ever known the path if not for the longing of loneliness deep within?


Nothing about twin souls is taking the easy journey but about a spirit deep song that pulls you from somewhere beyond the horizon; it’s the beacon you can’t explain or ignore." 



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