By Ara Campbell

My sister,

You’re a soul deep woman; you won’t find a worthy love in the shallows. Within your chest beats a warrior’s heart and your bones are woven from star-dust.

You deserve someone who sees you as holy, like the high priestess that you are. Who worships at your altar as you do theirs, in body, mind, spirit and heart. Someone whose words are prayers of reverence pressed openly against your bare soul.

Earth Mother, you deserve someone who sees that your wild medicine grows feral in the trees and honors it, not dismisses it. Someone who sees the magic that surrounds you as you move between the worlds and feel between the layers of time.

Who understands that in every petal and branch you see a ritual to be awakened and know the names of the spells etched upon the stars. Who howls to your Full Moon light as you summon the wildfire that stirs in their veins.

Medicine woman, you deserve someone who understands to do the deep soul-work that you do, to walk the path of your ancient mystery is to disappear at times into the realm of the unseen; but that you will always return to them on the other side of the darkness. That your love is strong enough to withstand time and space and will last even when you move among the shadows and swim in the unknown.

My sister, you deserve someone who will choose you fully and actively seek to build a world with you, one of peace, love and passion. A wanderer who longs for the little adventures that are found on a Saturday morning out on the open road listening to songs that others make fun of.

You deserve a best friend who wants your calm, your storm and every loving breath in between. One who understands the deep healing found in deep belly laughter, silliness and laying bare in one another’s arms.

For you, dear soul, only one who embraces you in your wholeness will ever do; someone who will never half-love you or pluck you only to watch you wither. One who opens fully for you to behold their medicine as they do yours; one who will never be satisfied until their roots have penetrated all the way into the depths of your nourishing soil. One who loves the fire in your veins and the thunder in your spirit. One who celebrates you for all that you are.

My dear sister, somewhere on this planet beats a heart deserving of your fire.

Somewhere, there is one worthy of your magic made of flesh, blood and spirit who is not afraid to dance in your endless depths. One who will never settle for less than the brilliance that you are.

Take your throne sister, rise up and take your crown. Hold your head high, for the one that can see your bright light is a spirit with a warrior’s heart to match your own.

Those who are unworthy can never truly see. Never settle for the shade when you were born to shine.

My sister, never forget that you are a soul-deep woman and you won’t find a worthy love in the shallows.


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