By Anna Suvorova

And...suddenly You feel it.


You become so present, so activated, and so alive... that you can hear everyone breathe around you.


You feel like the whole Universe is inside you, right there where your Heart is supposed to be.


You know you are safe, you are loved and protected!

You can do and be anything you wish!

You can jump from one reality to another, if that is what You choose.


You suddenly know there is more to You than could ever be humanly comprehended.

You begin to believe in what is "You."


You see everything so clear.

It is all about You!

You are the center of the Universe, you are the vortex, you are the mystery... you are IT!

You are a cosmic being, pure and eternal... dancing human for a while.

You can dress your humanness - vibration, thoughts and words - any way you wish.

You have the power. You are the one in charge.


You feel timeless, unlimited and FREE.

You are a Spirit.

Your very presence here is a gift!


You feel this powerful release.

You begin to trust that everything is just the way it should be, and it is unfolding just for you.

You realize that you know nothing and feel everything.

You see clearly - You are responsible only for the vibrational value of You.


You feel connected to all the others.

You see the Universe in every one of us.

You feel the souls smiling at you from everywhere... everyone is on their own paths.

You see humanity awaken.

You see hearts open and minds - free.

You hear the sweet promise of another era, you feel - it is gently hugging the Earth.


You hear the new music playing, and kids laughing, you see flowers blooming and butterflies dancing, you see us all living in Harmony and Love.

... and suddenly you feel so fortunate, so privileged, so grateful to be alive.


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