By Alex Rice

We all have subconscious clutter, which is amassed through years of conditioning and experience. 

Our fears, pains and trauma are most often repressed into the unconscious, as a kind of defence mechanism. 

These form the darker side of our being, our shadow. The deeper the trauma, the deeper the repression.

These experiences still dictate our behaviour, but without us knowing. In fact we are much more driven by our unconscious, which is why it is imperative we bring as much of it to our conscious awareness as we can. 

This is how we heal our shadows and regain greater control over our lives.

Unless we have made an effort to heal our shadow, we will see it projected onto others. 

As Carl Jung said; 'The Shadow is the person that you'd rather not be'.

When we see something we dislike in others this is often a disowned part of ourselves that needs healing. We tend to attract people into our lives that reflect back to us our own shadows so that we can more easily come face to face with our own demons. 

As long as we can recognise this reflection, we can take the necessary steps towards healing. Recognition is the first step to cure.

There are various other means of discovering and healing our shadows, including deep introspection, dream analysis and memory recall. 

We should also listen to our friends and family as they can often see the parts of us which we choose to ignore.

When we bridge the gap between our conscious and unconscious mind, we will see vast positive changes in our lives, as we are no longer driven by the darker aspects of our personality, which like to remain hidden. 

If each individual does this, the external world will reflect the positive changes in each individuals' inner world.

As Carl Jung once said: ’The world hangs on a thin thread and that is the psyche of man'.

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