Being In Love Is Our Natural State Of Being

If there is one thing that makes us invincible

then it is tapping into this infinite source of power that is inherent within each and every one of us.

I spent years of my life convincing myself that I am not worthy of love.

So much time & energy… wasted!

I could have learned Chinese, studied Astrology and learned to play the violin instead!

Absolutely no one benefited from that.

On the contrary, I contributed to collective unworthiness.

Later on in life I learned that every imaginable emotional suffering, at its core, derives from a lack of love.

In other words: whatever emotional pain we are feeling, the origin of it is always not feeling loved at some point.

Consequently, any emotional pain can be healed with love.

How beautiful is that??!

“Love is all you need- lalalalalaaaa” 

What I do NOT mean by this is always being all Happy- go- skippy, while bypassing anything that does not fit into this picture.

What I mean is being fully present with whatever is alive in you and embracing that with love.

The difference is fundamental!

Choosing love.

Again and again and again.

Until it becomes your second nature.

It’s scary, I know.

We all came into this world with an open heart.

At one point or another, we learned that this is not safe.

So we built up layers over layers of protection around our heart.

Which was initially essential for our survival.

But we became so used to these layers

that we don’t even know what it means to live with an open heart anymore

we have no idea that there is so much more richness, depth, and meaning to everything

- just by making this one shift in our lives

So, what I’m encouraging you to do today is this:

Close your eyes and feel into your heart

You might feel love

You might feel pain

You might feel numbnesa 

Whatever it is that you are feeling- just sit with it for a moment.

Observe. Without judgment.


Do this daily

When interacting with other people

with animals

When you wake up in the morning & when you go to sleep

Make a habit of it

and watch your life transform


You deserve it.

And the world needs more of your love.

From my heart to yours.

~ Bianca Marzouk

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