Are You a the World’s Salvation?

Every single day, all over the world, shootings, fires, torture, killing, violence beyond comprehension.

How to hold all of this in your fragile heart?

Ignore it? Deny it? Pass it off as 'mere illusion'?
Tell yourself 'it's their problem, not mine'?
Label others as 'evil' and separate yourself?
Close your heart even more?

Was it not closed hearts and quick judgements that caused the devastation in the first place?

Seeing the daily 'realities' of this planet, one may be tempted to give up entirely. Give up on healing, give up on change, give up on humanity itself.

What's the point? There's just too much violence out there.
Too much ignorance. Too much pain. Too much evil.

We have passed the point of no return, you may say.
A fair conclusion.
Better to build our walls even higher.

And yet. And yet.
Many have suffered the most outrageous injustices, and carried on.
Many have carried on, and grown, and healed, and transformed,
and brought their transformation to others, and broken down walls deemed impossible to break down.

There are heartbreaking stories of unconditional love shining in even the most impenetrable regions of night.

Focus on what's 'wrong' with the world, and you may end up paralysed, helpless, full of unexpressed rage.
Focus on what's 'right' with the world, and you may just be burying your head in the sand.

Beyond right and wrong, there is a field of indescribable truth and light.

Focus on the field.
Focus on the light.
Focus on the world that burns in your heart, rather than the passing reality you see.
Acknowledge the reality, yes, but don't use it as an excuse to give up.
Use it as an excuse to burn even more brightly, love even more unconditionally, forgive even more radically, question every ounce of evil you have been taught, extinguish every ounce of violence in yourself, for you contain violence too.

Change will require a devastating self-reflection.

Even a tiny candle can begin to illuminate a vast cavern.

Nothing is ever 'tiny' in the eyes of the Universe.

In the Talmud it is written:
'He who saves a single life, saves the world entire'.

The world may be broken, yes,
but you may be her salvation.

~ Jeff Foster

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