Aloneness is a place deep inside of you. It is your true Home, an ever-present sanctuary of warmth and profound fulfillment that can never leave you.

When you run from your aloneness into your addictions and distractions, you will always feel lonely, disconnected from the breath and the body and the Earth.

But, in any moment, you can come Home. You can flush 'the lonely one' with awareness. Breathe deeply into the pain of separation, and make it whole again. Be here Now.

You can be alone, with all life. With the trees and the mountains. With the hands and the feet and the shoulders, even if they ache. With the breath as it rises and falls and rises again, effortlessly. With the sounds of the afternoon, with the evening song, with the night as it explodes out of the void.

It is perhaps the ultimate paradox. At the heart of our loneliness, at the core of our longing for life, we find an exquisite aloneness, a Oneness with all creation, our true salvation.

We find God in the forsaken pit of the psyche; we find the Divine in the abyss.

We find astonishing light in the darkness of ourselves.

This is the true enlightenment. To be alone and to be found, to be lost and to be saved, all before the moment even begins.

~ Jeff Foster

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