All Feelings Are Children (And You Are Constructed Out of Stardust)

Feel your feelings, but don't indulge them.

They are wild children, longing for an empathic parent.


Don't push them away, but don't cling to them.

Nor do you need to act on them.

Like rain, they will fall and stop falling.

Like thunder, they will explode, falling again into silence.

Like waves in the ocean, they will surge then rest.


Give feelings space. Breathe into them.

Let them tingle and burn. 

They will pass soon enough. 

Trust. And trust that sometimes you cannot trust.

Feel your feet on the ground.

Feel your belly rise and fall.

Know your home is here, in presence.


Know that something within you is f***ing fearless.


Let the children play, but don't let them control you.

Be mindful. 

Let them dance, but don't get lost.

Let them be, but know who you are.


Feelings can be strong, yes.

But your greatest power 

lies in your courage.


And you ARE courageous, 

no matter what they say,

for you are constructed out of stardust. 


~ Jeff Foster

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