A woman's Worth

A woman is like a pearl, precious and rare...

It doesn't really matter if she's dark in complexion or very fair.


A woman deserves respect and loyalty...

And this I say on behalf of all women and not only for me.


A woman is worth more that any amount of wealth you may possess...

Remember, she's to be treated well and not anything less.


A woman may be independent, but she has feelings too...

Don't ever judge her until/unless you've been in her shoe.


A woman has a heart made of gold...

Just shower her with love and you will see her goodness unfold.


A woman isn't weaker in any way...

No matter what the high society may say.


A woman was born to comfort you...

This was known to man a long time back, yet to believe it was only a few.


A woman can be your weakness or your strength...

It all depends on you and your temperament.


To all the women out there... Always stay uplifted and strong! 

Be the kind of woman that helps others see their worth instead of their faults.

Do away with arrogance, pride and superiority...


Be the Woman Allah created you to be! 

- The one that is gentle and timid... yet strong and brave.

- The one that is soft in speech, but loud in action.

- The one that is sweet and kind, but knows when to draw the line.

- The one that smiles at creation in the day, but cries to her Creator at night.

- The one that feels emotional, but holds back from anger.

- The one that is strong when her husband is weak.

- The one that is beautiful not only outside but also deep within.


~ Madinah al Munawarah


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