Year Of The Sheep – Chinese Zodiac

Those born in the Sheep years are known to be kind and caring. Also known as the Year of the Goat/Ram. 

These Chinese animal signs occur in the same order in 12-year cycles. There are five Chinese elements namely Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth which influence the attributes of the zodiac signs. By combining with each of the twelve animals, a 60 year Chinese Zodiac cycle is created.

Year Of The Sheep : Dates

The birth years in Chinese astrology are based on the lunar calendar and also influenced by the five elements. The actual Years of the Sheep are:

Metal Sheep:

17 February 1931 – 5 February 1932
15 February 1991 – 3 February 1992

Water Goat:

5 February 1943 – 24 January 1944
1 February 2003 – 21 January 2004

Wood Goat:

24 January 1955 – 11 February 1956
19 February 2016 – 7 February 2016

Fire Sheep:

9 February 1967 – 29 January 1968
6 February 2027 – 25 January 2028

Earth Ram:

28 January 1979 – 15 February 1980
24 January 2039 – 11 February 2040

Personality Traits

In Chinese astrology, people born in the Ram years are said to be the most feminine and elegant of all the animal signs. They have a mild and compassionate temperament. This sign stands for style, grace, dreams and imagination.

Positive Traits

People born in the Year of the Sheep are loving, caring, intelligent, charitable and accommodating. The Goats are known for the love for artistic things. They are usually peaceful and never get into any kind of arguments without a reason. They believe in the powers of the Supreme Being.

The Sheep traits show that they are very cautious both in business and personal life. They are financially sound and do not overspend. Female Sheep can be cynical and undecided about stuff. But they take good care of their family and loved ones. Beauty and brains both go hand in hand for the Ram people. 

Negative Traits

People born in Ram years are fearful of others but when they trust, they seek protection from others. They are fanatical about religion and believe in mysterious things. They are not frank enough to communicate their love. The Sheep like admiration and praise from their companions, and are open to their advice. Rams are indecisive and are bewildered about life. They are introverts who are temperamental, touchy, hesitant, and cynical by nature.

Influence of Elements

Characteristics of Year of the Sheep Animal Sign are altered by the elements. 

Metal Sheep

Metal Sheep are strong externally with a sensitive interior. They are delightful and intimate in friendship, though they are cautious in making friends. They are domineering in nature, and they try their best to carry out the requirements of other people. Metal Rams are more enthusiastic about fine arts than other sheep.

Water Sheep

Water Sheep settle down in one place and are not ready to change their life style. They are happy with what they get. They have no expectations from their family and friends, and are easy to live with. Still they require the assistance of their companions. People born in this Year of the Sheep are momentarily annoyed if they do not get what they desire. Water Rams do like to have luxurious things when they have money to buy them. Their wit and humor brings them lot of admiring social contacts.

Wood Rams

Wood Sheep are very liberal and extremely sympathetic with people, and are easily deceived of their wealth by crooked people. They will do well to evaluate the merits of other’s needs before they give financial assistance. They like to be associated with social groups and will be always there to help their needy friends. 

Fire Goats

People born in the Year of the Fire Sheep have more self-assurance and do not depend on others. Though they are sympathetic to others, they cannot be easily cheated. They are prepared to forego the friendship of dishonest people, and take care of themselves and their families first. Fire Rams are charming and have theatrical personalities who hold the center stage. They naturally become good actors. Because they are highly motivated, they are likely to achieve their goals in life.

Earth Sheep

Earth Rams are more realistic than other rams, and stick to their jobs or outside projects. They are well planned in their work and finances. Interest in art is secondary to these rams, and they engage themselves in other successful pursuits. They take care of their families, and enjoy life to the fullest with their social circle. Earth Sheep personality make delightful companions in friendship and love. 


Chinese Sheep are peaceful and quiet creatures with extremely stable intellect and feelings. Naturally this has a positive bearing on their health which has few problems. They should stick to fresh and natural food, and avoid animal products to remain fit. They should spend more time in the company of nature to enjoy good physical health. Rams should be punctual with their food and sleeping schedules.


People born in the Year of the Sheep have a natural talent for fine arts and fashion. They are not fond of leadership, unless it is forced upon them. They do not seek rank and authority. Some of the suitable professions for rams are: Actor, Dancer, Landscape Gardner, Musician, Interior Designer, Florist, Teacher, Pediatrician and Hair Stylist.


The Goat year people are secretive who take their own time to select their friends and partners. They also choose when to let them have an insight to their feelings. They select close companions with whom they have a rewarding friendship. They are fully committed to their love mates.

 Year Of The Sheep : Luck & Compatibility

  • Highly Compatible with Pig, Horse or Rabbit
  • Should Avoid Dog, Rat or Ox
  • Lucky Colors: Purple, Green, Red
  • Unlucky Colors: Golden , Coffee Brown
  • Lucky Numbers: 4, 3, 9
  • Unlucky Numbers: 6, 7, 8
  • Lucky Flowers: Alice Flower, Carnation, Primrose
  • Lucky Directions: Southeast, South, East