Year Of The Rooster – Chinese Zodiac

People born in the Rooster years are said to be optimistic and detail-oriented.

These Chinese animal signs occur in the same order in 12-year cycles. There are five Chinese elements namely Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth which influence the attributes of the zodiac signs. By combining with each of the twelve animals, a 60 year Chinese Zodiac cycle is created.

Year Of The Rooster : Dates

The actual dates of Chinese zodiac Rooster Years affected by the different elements are:

Wood Rooster:

13 February 1945 – 1 February 1946
9 February 2005 – 28 January 2006

Fire Rooster:

31 January 1957 – 17 February 1958
28 January 2017 – 15 February 2018

Earth Rooster:

17 February 1969 – 5 February 1970
13 February 2029 – 2 February 2030

Metal Rooster:

5 February 1981 – 24 January 1982

Water Rooster:

23 January 1993 – 9 February 1994

Year Of The Rooster : Personality Traits

The Rooster Year symbolizes truthfulness and immediate action. It is also supposed to be a symbol of good luck that keeps away evil spirits.

Positive Traits

People born in the Year of the Rooster are beautiful and fashionable with a good dress sense. They are quite sharp and get annoyed easily. They have high self-esteem and do not rely on others. They are orderly and hard working.

The Rooster personalities are out-going, brilliant and truthful. They are also motivated, affectionate and competent. They hate people who waste time and followers.

Negative Traits

Those born in the Rooster years are blunt, sarcastic and ego-centric. They are also prejudiced and like to brag about themselves. They like to advise others, but are not ready to accept other’s ideas. They get excited very fast, but lose interest very quickly.

Chinese zodiac Roosters can be weird at times and fail to connect with others. They find fault with others and assume that they are always correct. Temperamentally they are not stable.

Influence of Elements

Characteristics of Year of the Rooster people changes based on the 5 elements.

Metal Rooster

Metal Roosters can be foolhardy creatures with plenty of pride. They can be detached, extremely boastful and rarely take note of the view point of others. They need the emotional support of a love mate. They tend to be ruthless in their conversation with others, which is highly annoying to other people. These Roosters are clever and competent people who can be admired by really patient people.

Water Rooster

Water Roosters are more flexible, and are likely to be open to the suggestions of others. They are friendlier, and will not brag about themselves often. They motivate their colleagues at work by their dynamism and meticulousness. Water roosters are highly dependable and more relaxed. They wear sober dresses, and attract lot of friends by their brain power and capability.

Wood Roosters

Wood Roosters are not as eccentric as those born in the same Chinese sign. They are very group oriented. They use their talents to finish the projects they take up with the cooperation of their fellow workers. They like to have a big social circle, and share the attention with them. Wood Roosters are compassionate by nature, and indulge in charitable activities.

Fire Rooster

Fire Roosters are highly demonstrative, and have excellent leadership qualities. They motivate others by their hard work and managerial capabilities. They are extroverts to the core, and spend lot of time and energy to have the best clothing and grooming possible. Fire roosters are domineering by nature, and expect others to follow them. They are likely to annoy others by their candidness. 

Earth Rooster

Earth Roosters are more withdrawn than other roosters, and never care about publicity. They take pleasure in achieving their goals swiftly and successfully. They do not toot their own horn, and are charming and stable as friends. Those born in these Rooster years are extremely multi-talented and expect the same from their colleagues.


The Year of the Rooster people have high immunity and do not fall sick frequently. And even when ill, they tend to recover quite fast. They are energetic, and take pleasure in climbing mountains and water sports. Their temperament is subject to quick changes which makes them anxious and grumpy sometimes. 


People born in the Years of the Rooster give top priority to their jobs and are extremely diligent. They are versatile and can take up various jobs without problem. They are more dedicated to their work than others. Some careers suitable for roosters are: Surgeon, Journalist, Soldier, Sales Representative, Dentist, Teacher, Caterer, News Reader, Hair Dresser, Police Officer and Customer Service Manager.


The Rooster Years people are faithful and committed in friendship. Whenever they promise something, they will make all efforts to fulfill their word. On the negative side, they have a tendency to toot their own horn about themselves and their deeds. This will annoy their friends and relations.

In matters of love the Roosters they are highly romantic and enjoy the company of their mates. They cannot take disappointments in love. Sometimes they may seek new partners if they lose interest in their present companion. 

Year Of The Rooster : Luck & Compatibility

  • Highly Compatible with Ox, Snake, Dragon
  • Should Avoid Rat, Dog, Rabbit
  • Lucky Colors: Golden, Yellow, Brown
  • Unlucky Colors: White, Green
  • Lucky Numbers: 5, 7, 8
  • Unlucky Numbers: 1, 3, 9
  • Lucky Flowers: Cockscomb, Balsamine, Gladiola
  • Lucky Directions: Southwest, West, Northeast