Vrishchik Rashi (Scorpio)

Vrishchik Rashi is the eighth sign of Vedic astrology.

The corresponding Western star sign is Scorpio.

Symbolized by the Scorpion, Vrishchik Rashi stands for balance and temperance.

The ruling planet of Vrishchik Rashi are Mars and Pluto and element is Water.

The lucky color for this Janma Rashi is RED.

The Nakshatras of Vishaka (Pada 4), Jyeshta and Anuradha come under this moon sign. 

Personality Traits

Planet Mars symbolizes the fighting qualities of a soldier while Pluto stands for change. People born under the Vrishchik Rashi are determined and full of vigor. They tend to pursue tough jobs which test their mental and physical capabilities. Mars gives cleverness and natural capabilities while Pluto will gift creativity. They generate the required perception with their personal charm.

The Vrishchik Rashi people build strong social contacts with influential people which will be beneficial in the long run. Their magnetic personality will cover up their true traits and relationships from the inquisitive eyes of outsiders. Their gut feeling plays an important role in helping them making important decisions.

The single minded determination of Vrishchik Rashi individuals helps them achieve their objectives. This is backed up by their physical strength and remarkable endurance. Once they make up their mind to do something, they never look back. They observe things closely and invest cleverly. With their friends, they are quite free in talking and enjoy being in the limelight.

People born under Vrishchik Rashi bounce back from deepest misfortunes of all kinds effortlessly and their endurance will see them through their ventures. Their leadership qualities will enable them to accomplish their goals very quickly by motivating others.

But the Vrishchik Rashi people can also be very sensitive and emotional. They are rigid in their thinking and very dominant in all their relationships. They do not trust anyone easily and test their loyalty, thus creating a distance in their relationships. They can also be very secretive, possessive and distrustful of their loved ones.


Probable ailments that can affect the Vrishchik Rashi are related to reproductive organs, head and face. They should calm down their minds to stay healthy. Mental stress and tension can be one of their main problems. Bladder and bowel problems too can affect their overall well-being.


Monetary situation will be highly comfortable for the Vrishchik Rashi. They will acquire properties and wealth because of their competence and cleverness. They are intelligent, calculative and good at profitable investment planning. They have a sixth sense when knowing the right instruments to invest in, be it real estate or share trading.


Planetary position of Venus in the birth charts of Vrishchik Rashi people plays an important role in the pleasant association with their partners. Patience and a lot of emotional strength is needed to make love relationships or marriages successful. Relations with siblings might not be very pleasant. They take a long time in getting to know people and allowing their lovers to see their true inner self. The Scorpions are known for their sting and if they are hurt by their soul mate, they can become revengeful.


As the Vrishchik Rashi is ruled by Mars, the God of war, these people will do well in the military services like the army, air force or navy. They make loyal workers who can even give their life saving someone else. They will be successful in diplomatic assignments and the construction industry. Also they love the water and seas and could be seafarers. They are blessed with good intuition and will make excellent detectives, psychiatrists and consultants.