The Tenth House Astrology : House Of Status

The tenth house focuses on social status.

Social status is something that we are automatically born with, but in most places it is also something that we can change as we naturally live our lives. A couple of things that we can do to change it is to make friends in all the right places, become famous, get a great job, or on the other end of the spectrum, financially and socially ruin ourselves one way or another.

An important part of our social status is how well we socialize. When your sign is in the tenth house you should work on improving your communication skills. Another way to work on your social status is to try to make new friends. Who knows, your new friends may have connections that you may have never even dreamed of having.

You know what they say, “It’s not what you know, but who you know.” This is usually told to people who are trying to find a job, but it is also true for people who are trying to advance in a career. Being good at your job is one thing, but knowing someone higher up in your job field is also pretty important.

Personality Traits

Jobs and careers play a large part when it comes to improving or lowering your social status. Of course, the 10th house shows that no one wants to lower their social status on purpose, but in some economies it just happens that way. As unfair as it is, people are going to think more highly of a person with a professional job like an accountant or a doctor, rather than someone who works in retail or in fast food.

It doesn’t matter how hard these people work, or how lazy the professionals are, a person’s job title does a lot to influence their social status. If you want a higher social status, then it might be time to update your resume and begin to look for a new job.

As important as social status is to the tenth house, it’s much more important what we do with the power that comes with our social status. Because of this, people with a higher social status have more responsibility than people with a lower social status. We look up to celebrities and politicians to encourage us to make better choices and to be good examples for us. No matter how virtuous a homeless person is, no one looks up to them for advice. Sad. You never know what knowledge they obtain that might be useful for yourself.