The Seventh House Astrology : House Of Partnerships

The meaning of the seventh house in astrology is partnership and communication.

Whether you want to enter into a romantic partnership, a business partnership, or any other kind of partnership, you need to be able to keep your communication and other general social skills in peak performance. In many types of partnerships, attracting the other person’s attention and becoming friends with them, or at least acting friendly towards them, is the first step.

If you have some sort of social anxiety, then this time is not likely to go well for you unless you work on becoming less anxious around others. While this is more easily said than done, it is possible to train yourself to at least act more comfortable in public places even if you do not feel comfortable. Think of it as acting if you need to. Throughout the other astrology houses, the friends and partnerships that you build in this house will be able to help you out.

Personality Traits

Romantic partnerships can be great or tricky when the seventh house is considered. It all depends on how you act. Give your partner extra attention if you want to be happy with them. If you do not treat your partner right, then it may be what brings you to a breakup or divorce. However, if you treat them right then things may just get better for your relationship no matter what house your signs go into later.

The 7th house also shows that it is also the time to work on business relationships. Whether you want to begin, end, or improve a business relationship this is the time to do it. Your actions will directly affect how your business relationship will be once your sign is out of the seventh house.

Make this time count. Put in real effect into this relationship. Others are bound to judge us based on how we act at work, so having great business relationships may even make you some friends as well.

All the things shown by the seventh house astrology are the same no matter what kind of relationship you are trying to make or break. Act nicely if you want to make friends and ignore people if you want to have poor relationships with them. No matter what, now is the time to build your communications skills. Because no matter what house your sign is in, great social skills can always help you.