The Ninth House Astrology : House Of Philosophy

All of these houses are said to have a different focus, which can change how each of the signs look at or are affected by, the rest of the world. The ninth house is said to help the signs to focus on philosophy, questioning, and general intelligence or education.

Philosophy is defined as the “fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence…” in the dictionary. There are of course other definitions of this word, but this one works well enough for us to understand what the 9th house in astrology is all about. Part of philosophy is asking your questions and getting them answered, even if you might not get a straight forward answer in the end. Philosophy is meant to make you think. The ninth house is just about that... Philosophy.

Personality Traits

While the focus of the astrological ninth house may be philosophy, the general idea of the ninth house is to care about education in general. One important thing, about all the houses in astrology, is that they encourage personal growth and development. You should always strive to make yourself into a better person, no matter what your sign is or what house your sign is in. The ninth house simply will encourage you to better yourself in a more educational way.

No matter how old or young you are, you can always learn something new. And this is exactly what you should be doing when your sign is in the ninth house. The more that you understand the world around you, the more likely you are to understand yourself.

You don’t need to practice math problems during this time or pick up a history book. Learning comes in all forms. One fun and easy way to learn new things are to pick up a new hobby. If you pick something that you like, then you are bound to learn it faster and better than something that you don’t like. If you are out of school, then picking up a hobby or joining some sort of group is one of the best ways to learn new things.

If you are in school or college, then you can easily get some learning done during this time. Make sure to stick to your studying or pick up some better study habits during this time. Make sure to focus on your school work. Your sign won’t be in this house forever, so you might as well take advantage of this time while it lasts. School and college only get harder as the years go on, so study now to make sure that you get a sturdy basis for your education when your sign is in other houses.