Pisces Zodiac Sign

Pisces Zodiac Sign : General Traits

The Pisces individual is soft, gentle and kind. They have a pleasant personality and take everyone at face value. They are understanding, caring and compassionate with an affectionate nature. They rarely disagree with anyone.

The Pisces sign natives are aesthetically inclined and interested in fine arts and beauty. Music, arts, and painting are good career options that can be followed. They make very good companions and friends who are there for their loved ones in their times of need. They have a very observant temperament and no detail passes their eye unnoticed.

The Pisces traits show they can be very timid and scared to raise their voices. They choose not to see the problems around them and shut their eyes thinking that the issues will disappear. They tend to day dream and can spend hours lost in fantasies that will never materialize.

Pisces : Facts & Figures

  • Birth Dates – February 19th – March 20th
  • Zodiac Symbol – Fish
  • Zodiac Element – Water
  • Zodiac Quality – Mutable
  • Domicile Planet – Jupiter
  • Detriment Planet – Mercury
  • Exaltation Planet – Venus
  • Birthstone – Aquamarine
  • Lucky Colors – Pale Green
  • Lucky Numbers – Eight, Five
  • Lucky Day – Thursday
  • Lucky Gemstones – Diamond, Turquoise, Jade, Amethyst, Bloodstone
  • Lucky Metals – Silver

Positive Traits

Their soft spoken, gentle and affectionate nature makes the Pisces star sign so very attractive as a human being. Easily adjustable, people such as these can make any person feel important. They are really the most ideal companions to have, whether friendly or romantic, since they are submissive and tend to boost the other person’s ego.

Artistically gifted individuals, Pisces men and women can make very good artists, musicians and painters, as well great literary scholars. Their abilities as actors are also often well developed. In family life, Pisceans are loyal and home loving people. They do not like to flirt around with other people and are extremely faithful to their partners. Their sacrificing and charitable characters make them ideally suited to be philanthropists.

Negative Traits

The most irritable Pisces characteristics are that he/she is very absent-minded at times. They are simply not suited for a typical “nine to five” job scenario, and have a marked tendency to rebel against any fixed pattern being imposed upon them. Just experiment by putting a Pisces personality in a controlled environment, and things are most likely to turn haywire. Their dreamy and withdrawn nature makes it a great problem for their friends and family, who try to relate to them. Even in work, their bosses find it very difficult to make them focus on any particular objective.

The Pisces male/female can also prove to be a real emotional drain on their partners, since they are too sensitive and emotional in nature. Pisces females will often weep constantly at some perceived insult from their lovers, and this proves to be way too much for some people. Pisces people also tend to gossip at times, and both males and females are indiscreet and gullible at times. They are often misled by the external façade a person displays and if it does not prove to be the person’s true self, Pisces will be unhappy all their lives. A mixture of an optimistic and a pessimistic nature, the Pisces zodiac natives often find it very problematic to balance their daily lives.

Compatibility Traits

Pisces & Aries

Fire and water do not usually mix. So, the love match between Aries and Pisces could be a odd relationship.

Pisces & Taurus

Taurus will soon discover the emotional nature of the Pisces. So this might turn out to be a good match.

Pisces & Gemini

Alliance with Gemini would turn out to be an extremely shaky one for the Pisces.

Pisces & Cancer

Both Pisces and Cancer have strong imagination and intuition. This will help each of them to understand the other very easily.

Pisces & Leo

The Pisces relationship with Leo has a dim chance of survival as both don’t understand each other.

Pisces & Virgo

The Pisces’ ability to sense the change of Virgo moods and emotional needs may appear to be good for the relationship.

Pisces & Libra

Libra enjoys the romantic and sensitive ways of Pisces.

Pisces & Scorpio

The relationship between Pisces and Scorpio has a high chance of being successful as neither partner is ruled by common sense.

Pisces & Sagittarius

Both the Pisces and the Sagittarian partner may wonder why he or she fell in love in the first place.

Pisces & Capricorn

The Pisces Capricorn compatibility will be on the rocks from the beginning.

Pisces & Aquarius

The Pisces will never understand the multi-faceted Aquarian.

Pisces & Pisces

Relationship with a fellow Pisces should be very satisfying in nature as both of them will know and understand each other very well.

Love & Romance

Pisces astrology shows that these people live in an imaginary world of their own. They are just too lost and dazed to make any decisions or commitments in matters of the heart. They make good lovers and partners who will be romantic and passionate. Pampering their soul mates unexpectedly is the highlight of their love relationships.

The Pisces might be a bit slow when it comes to taking relationships to a higher level. This is because they are scared and unsure about the future. Once this thought settles down, life with a Pisces lover will be blissful and filled with joy.

Career & Profession

As people under the influence of the Pisces sign are very creative by nature, they excel in any profession, which gives them a proper outlet for their creativity such as careers in writing, the arts and musical pursuits. Pisceans also come into their own when they are involved in any spiritual activity as this goes down pretty well with their preference of the mystical world. As the Fishes love to care for and help others, they would do well in the medical profession or as social activists.

Money & Finance

Pisceans are of a spirit that is always exploring new shores and ideas and is hardly content. It appears that their quest is endless. However, this unending quest often takes its toll on these people when they retreat into their shell to recharge their batteries and come out afresh. Though these people appear to be whimsical, they have good judgement as far as finance is concerned.

Pisces horoscope predicts that money however isn’t their priority, their dreams are. The important point to be noted, in this case, is that they require money to bring their dreams to the grounds of reality. So, Pisceans are somewhat forced to seek financial power. Nevertheless, these people need to not lose their night’s sleep wondering about acquiring money as they either inherit good fortune or get it through marital alliance. Those who have neither of this need not to worry, as they possess some rare mental gifts that could lead them to build their own fortune in no time!

Health & Well Being

As the Pisces zodiac sign people are highly emotional, they stand a high risk of falling prey to psychological illnesses. Foot injury and allergy towards certain drugs is also a common ailment in these people. Women born under this sign have a tendency of over-eating and drinking in excess, which may give, rise to serious health problems. Pisceans are also very susceptible to taking indulgence in alcohol and drugs as a solution to get away from work pressures as well as to overcome their domestic grief, if any.

Famous Personalities

Copernicus, Bobby Fischer, Drew Barrymore, Justin Bieber, Chopin, Copernicus, Billy Crystal, Carlo Ponzi, Levi Strauss, George Washington