Gemini Zodiac Sign

General Traits

Gemini is the third zodiac sign in the Western astrology system. They are always in a race against time and not easy to understand. In other words, you can say that they are genuinely the Twins or “split personalities” of the same person.

The Gemini trait that is most popularly known is their excellent power of communication. They love to talk and give advice. Being one of the most social of the star signs, Gemini personalities have great communication skills that make them good marketing and sales managers.

The Gemini characteristics also show that the Gemini sign can be secretive and contradictory in their own dealings. This is because they are actually two people encompassed in one with different thought processes that can affect their decision making skills.

The Gemini zodiac sign symbolizes, youth, adventure, vibrancy and restless which is symbolic of the Air element. They are witty, intellectually stimulated and enjoy company which challenges their mental stability. Known for their great sense of humor Geminis love to entertain and are usually the life of any party or discussion.

On the negative side, the Gemini star sign is not known for its patience. They just can’t wait for anything. At times, their childishness and insecurity can harm relationships and business deals. You might not believe it but the Twins can be malicious and change colors to suit their needs. And the next day they will behave in the most charming manner!

Gemini : Facts & Figures

  • Birth Dates – May 21st – June 20th
  • Zodiac Symbol – Twins
  • Zodiac Element – Air
  • Zodiac Quality – Mutable
  • Domicile Planet – Mercury
  • Detriment Planet – Jupiter
  • Exaltation Planet – None
  • Birthstone – Alexandrine
  • Lucky Colors – Yellow
  • Lucky Numbers – Three, Four
  • Lucky Day – Wednesday
  • Lucky Gemstones – Crystal, Pearl, Aquamarine
  • Lucky Metals – Silver, Gold

Positive Traits

Gemini zodiac people are said to be fortunate and blessed with good luck. They border on being intellectuals who have an open mind and nice people in general. They are loving, decent, elegant and generous by nature. They are sympathetic towards people in need and are always ready to help when they can.

They do have an intrinsic goodness in them and make life joyous for people around them. Geminis can be the true life of a party, and always attempt to liven up someone who they feel is sad or depressed. Geminis treat life as a game which is to be enjoyed while we live. They always want something new to happen and are basically thrill-seekers!

A Gemini is constantly in search of joy, and once tied down, can be an extremely loving friend and partner. Since they are governed by the Air element, Geminis also tend to be gullible and accept a new person at face value. They believe that everyone comes from good nature.

The Gemini sun sign are filled with Mercurial energy. Intellectually, they have the ability to think on their feet. They can do several tasks quite well simultaneously, never giving anyone a reason to complain.

Negative Traits

The one big drawback in a Gemini sign is that they simply do not want to do hard work, but at the same time is more interested in achieving his/her goals by winning a possible lottery! Even if they do work, their whole idea is being superficial without actually delving into anything more deeply. Geminis also have zero concentration. They are fickle minded and constantly shift from one subject to the other. Being superficial is perhaps the worst trait in a Gemini, one which even affects their career prospects, on some occasions.

The Twins also get tired of anyone or anything pretty quickly. For instance, they might meet up with a new person and like to meet him/her more and more over the next few days. However, just when the other person reaches out his/her hand in search of a stable relationship, they might get tired of the whole situation. That is why people say that “never try to hold onto a Gemini”!

On the turn of a moment, a Gemini personality may have extreme mood swings. In fact, they are very prone to it. They will then become cynical and very critical of whomever they happen to interact with at that point of time. This destroys many good relations.

To make matters worse, Gemini characteristics show they can also be extremely short-tempered, picking up unnecessary arguments and often not caring about the opposite person’s emotions. Geminis also love to gossip, often carrying out tales of accusations from one person to another.

Compatibility Traits

Gemini & Aries

This couple will get along well at first but can become rebellious later.

Gemini & Taurus

The Gemini and Taurus match are exact opposites with one being a homebody while the other is a party animal.

Gemini & Gemini

The Gemini male and female do bond well in a relationship, since they are like lovers, married companions, as also friends, all rolled into one!

Gemini & Cancer

Gemini is initially attracted to Cancer because of the latter’s stable and peace loving nature but this won’t last for long.

Gemini & Leo

A Gemini and Leo partnership is often a match made in heaven!

Gemini & Virgo

Gemini finds Virgo solid and dependable and feels they can manage their homes after marriage.

Gemini & Libra

Both Gemini and Libra are air signs and that makes for good compatibility.

Gemini & Scorpio

The Gemini and Scorpio compatibility is poor as the Twin can’t stand the Scorpion’s possessiveness and jealousy.

Gemini & Sagittarius

This is a compatible zodiac match as both are social, love to talk, extroverts and ready for an adventure at all times.

Gemini & Capricorn

Gemini and Capricorn do not make a very good partnership, since the Sea Goat has a serious, reserved nature, which is the polar opposite of the Twin.

Gemini & Aquarius

Gemini and Aquarius make up good partners since Gemini loves to talk on any subject, and the Aquarius is equally adept at listening to any new subject.

Gemini & Pisces

A Gemini with Pisces combination actually looks at four personalities at the same time.

Love & Romance

For people who are looking for wit and little sparks of joy to spice up their love life, instead of pure romanticism or physical sensuality, a Gemini lover may be an ideal choice. Extremities are the hallmarks of a true blue Gemini personality.

If you have a razor sharp mind and are quick witted with strong reflexes, you can easily make your Gemini soul mate say “Wow!” Being adventurous and fancy-free, Geminis love to travel at short notice. Above all, a conservative and totally home bound person is a big bore for the Twins.

Gemini sign can also be extremely devoted and romantic towards their partners in some cases! You can take solace from the fact that they will also try to please you when he/she loves you. Naturally inquisitive by nature, they will constantly try to find out your likes and dislikes.

Career & Profession

The Gemini horoscope shows that these people will do well in artistic fields like acting, painting, radio jockeys or media. They also have excellent people skills making them excellent PR managers or advertising creative heads. Their range of careers is truly awesome, provided they work with something that generates their true interest!

Money & Finance

Gemini zodiac and money are related to one another in a very curious sort of way. Geminis are very sweet talkers, and so they can easily charm their way into other people’s pockets and checkbooks. However, some of them may use this skill for mischievous purposes, since they are known for acting and telling white lies. Geminis love spending their money on anything that catches their fancy every now and then. For instance, the phone bill is due the next day, but that pair of shoes I see is perfect for tomorrow’s party!

The Gemini men and women are poor at managing accounts and leave it best to partners. They simply do not have the time to sit down and do so. Surprisingly, Geminis are extremely lucky people and some money making scheme always crops up for them. They never run out of jobs, even in today’s markets! Also, many Geminis reportedly have made a lot of money doing a sales or actor’s job, since this ideally suits them the best.

Health & Well Being

Gemini astrology sign rules over the hands and fingers. Thus illnesses related to joint and bones are common like rheumatism, arthritis, fractures, muscle tears, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc.  Since they talk a lot while eating, digestive disorders can occur. Their restless nature can be made calmer by peaceful meditation and mind healing techniques. Also Geminis are prone to respiratory problems like asthma, COPD and bronchitis.

Famous Personalities

Alanis Morisette, Donald Trump, Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp, Prince William, Morgan Freeman, Anna, Kournikova, Anne Frank, Benazir Bhutto, Liam Neeson