Dhanu Rashi (Sagittarius)

Dhanu Rashi is the ninth moon sign in Vedic Astrology whose equivalent is Sagittarius.

The ruler of Dhanu Rashi is Jupiter or Guru.

It is symbolized by the Archer and element Fire.

The lucky color for this Vedic moon sign is WHITE, ORANGE, GREEN.

The Dhanu Rashi includes the Nakshatras of Moola, Purvashada and Uttarashada (Pada 1).

Personality Traits

As the Dhanu Rashi is ruled by planet Jupiter, it signifies wealth, motivation, intelligence and good luck. People born in Dhanus Rashi will be inquisitive, talkative and interested in mysticism and philosophy. They give importance to the rank and riches of people. Their capabilities are very different from person to person and span from scholarship to plagiarism. They are known for their truthful nature and never hesitate to tell it, however hurtful it might be. They are independent and go-getters even though they are soft-spoken and modest. 

The normal truthfulness of Dhanu Rashi people may be sometimes assumed as disrespectful. Their overindulgence in food, alcohol and drugs will result in obesity and bad physical fitness. Being lethargic, they tend to have a low priority for exercise and good health. Though they are honest and committed, sometimes they tend to act without sufficient thinking.

Individuals born under Dhanu Rashi are gifted with a great deal of enthusiasm and adaptability. This makes them suitable for all types of situations and surroundings. They are interested in travelling all over the world and like different types of food and drinks, theatre, animals and games. Confidence and a strong will power go hand-in-hand for the Dhanu people. 

But the Dhanu Rashi are also known for their short fiery temper. They take risks without thinking of the consequences. And their decision making skills are something which needs further looking into. At times their idealism can get out of hand. They tend to be dominating which might hurt their relationships in the long run.


Planet Guru awards a person born under Dhanu Rashi with good health under normal circumstances. Likely health problems are diabetes and gastric disorders. They might also face some problems related to the lower part of their bodies like the pelvis, hips and thighs. Regular exercise is the only way to avoid muscle and blood circulation problems.


Growth in finances for the Dhanu Rashi will be accompanied by greater expenses which will be a source of stress. They are blessed with riches or usually born in rich families. Money will never be a source of worry for them. But they will need to control their spending if they wish to have a secure retirement. They are known for their generosity and help everyone, when they have cash to spare.


The Dhanu Rashi people will be warm and committed to their partners. But they are not expressive enough to show their real emotions. This may result in petty quarrels which however will not affect the harmony in the relationship. They love their families and work hard to provide everything for them. They are loyal to their partners and quite popular with the people around them. Their warm and happy nature makes them pleasant company whom everyone loves.


The Dhanu Rashi people are known for their positive outlook in life. They look at failures as stepping stones to success. Suitable careers for these people are: Publishers, Artists, Spiritual Leaders and Educationists. They make good leaders and diplomatic politicians. Religion too plays an important role in the choice of their jobs. Philosophy and travel related careers will work in their favor.