Chinese Zodiac Rooster (Virgo)

Years Of The Rooster:

January 24, 1936 – February 13, 1934
February 13, 1945 – February 1, 1946
January 31, 1957 – February 17, 1958

February 17, 1969 – February 5, 1970
February 5, 1981 – January 24, 1982
February 23, 1993 – February 9, 1994

February 9, 2005 – January 28, 2006
January 28, 2017 – February 15, 2018
February 13, 2029 – February 2, 2030


Chinese Horoscope & Numerological Associations:

Western Zodiac: The Western zodiac sign associated with the Rooster is Virgo

Earthly Branch of Birth Year: You is the earthly branch for Roosters

Chinese Elements:Jin (Metal) is the element for the Chinese Rooster

Yin/Yang Orientation: Yin is the corresponding orientation for the Rooster sign

Lucky Herbs:Gladiola, Impatiens, Cockscomb are lucky Rooster flowers

Lucky Direction: West is good direction for the Rooster animal sign

Lucky Season:Autumn is the lucky season for the Chinese rooster sign

Lucky Colors:Gold, Brown, Mustard, Yellow are lucky colors for the Year of the Rooster

Unlucky Colors:White, Green are not lucky colors for the Chinese rooster zodiac

Lucky Numbers:5, 7, 8 will be good for the Chinese zodiac rooster

Chinese Horoscope Rooster Compatibility:

Ox, Dragon, Snake are true soul mates for the Chinese Rooster. Rat, Rabbit, Dog will not be compatible companions.

Personality Traits:

The Chinese zodiac Rooster is very clear and obvious. There is nothing about their personality that leaves anything about their character to question. They show their truth with all their actions, and with their very words. 

The Rooster man or woman has no concept of the middle of the road. They are in all things incredibly black and white. Their will is utterly unstoppable, and they believe that all things are within their power to make it happen. As such they have little tolerance for those who have fallen on hard times. The Chinese Rooster believes the power to change one’s stars lays firmly within their hands. Their opinion is utterly without question, and they don’t falter from it until it is proven to be completely wrong and they are unable to prove otherwise.


The Chinese Rooster zodiac sign is a person who is utterly ruthless in going after what they want, and has a very clear idea of what that is. They know what they believe, what they feel, and it is incredibly difficult to persuade them differently. The Rooster is very secure, very solid in their beliefs, and therefore is a source of stability if they are a part of any kind of sect.

The Rooster personality is careful about showing their emotions, which allows them to handle a situation without their emotions affecting the behaviors of the others involved in the situation. They are very perceptive and will see through to the heart of a situation with every aspect in detail. The Chinese Roosters have no sense of insecurity, nor are they at all shy, strutting their way through any given situation with an utter lack of self-consciousness.

The Rooster sign is strongly practical, and much prefers the truth and the uncut facts about a situation to any fiction one may wish to conduct. The one thing a Rooster is without exception is loyalty, and they would never degrade themselves so much as to break their word of honor. However, beware of the Rooster’s keen insight. They will find the secrets within you and pull them out, piece by piece with utter precision.


The Rooster sign will never allow anyone to stand in the way of them saying what’s on their mind. Because of this, they can be seen as somewhat boorish, stomping on others who don’t have the fortitude to hear what they have to say. They know what they like and hate, and you’re going to hear about it, no matter what that means for your delicate sensibilities. They also have an incredibly difficult time dealing with changing their mind on things. When a Chinese Rooster gets their head wrapped around something, that’s all there is to it. It will become their foundational belief and the only thing that can change the Rooster’ perception on the matter is indisputable proof that they are wrong.

The Roosters are deeply secretive about their emotions and thoughts, and use this power to manipulate others. Some of this is born from their complete lack of faith in humanity, resulting in them keeping their true intentions close to their chest. Roosters may not be defenseless, but they are also capable of great violence under the right circumstances. It makes up a part of their lifestyle, and whether it is emotional or physical violence, they are more than capable of rolling over the obstacles that stand in their way, and it’s not just fire and fury.

Under the right circumstances, the Rooster can plan out a long and in depth campaign against those who stand against them, and their fury will be a thing to behold. They will root out your weaknesses, undercut you at every turn, and drive you to failure, just so that their pride will remain impeccable. Only a fool stands in the way of a vexed rooster.


Rooster astrology shows that they are hard workers, dedicated to excellence in everything they do. They will find a challenge to take up, or will find a conflict of interests inside it to lay it to rest. They will do anything necessary to achieve their goals, stepping over or even on others if necessary to get to where they are going.

The Chinese zodiac rooster is well-rounded in their skill sets, and will bring much ability to a workplace. But they have a tendency to take unnecessary risks, especially when asking for aid would have eased the path. They leave little to nothing to chance, but have complete conviction to complete the task to which was set. The Workplace for a Rooster is a place to achieve their goals, little else matters.

Chinese Rooster As A Boss:

Know that the Chinese Rooster personality as a boss is a harsh task-master. If you fail to perform, you’ll hear about it, and they will feel no regret about making sure you know it was your fault, and exactly how. They are more than a little of a glory hound, and will take credit whenever it can reasonably be associated with them.

On the positive side, the Rooster boss will see right through you. They will understand what it is you are capable of, and will know a problem when they see it without question. Don’t vex the Rooster boss, for if you do, they will see you suffer for it. Rooster is without exception a force to be reckoned with.

Chinese Rooster As A Co-Worker:

The Rooster co-worker is a difficult person to work with. The Chinese Rooster star sign works most effectively on their own, without having to deal with the weaknesses of others. They are effective with their powers of observation and their drive to accomplish goals. But co-workers are little other than a liability to a Rooster. They don’t like relying on others, and will rip them apart if they don’t keep up or become a problem. There’s no way to say it nicely. Rooster as a co-worker is almost always a problem, but can be a powerful tool if you know how to utilize them.


The Rooster personality is only interested in money as a way of measuring success. It is not the most important and certainly not the only metric by which they will measure their worth. Their ability and power in a workplace and life is far more important to them than cash. However, they can take money as a goal to be achieved. And as in all other things, they will achieve it thoroughly, or not at all. Money is useful for accenting one’s plumage, enhancing one’s crow, and showing their success to all those around, but that is where its usefulness ends.

Dating A Chinese Zodiac Rooster:

The Rooster traits show them to be a creature of acute anxiety, and with a refined taste for sadism. Love is one more power-play to the Rooster, and the emotional injury they can cause in the process is almost as addictive to them as the relationship itself.

There is nothing easy about being in a relationship with the Chinese Rooster zodiac. If you are not made of solid emotional fortitude, you will find yourself ground under their heel and left aching. Know that the Rooster will never let their heart have reins, instead it will always be shielded behind a calculating exterior. It is not unusual to find the Rooster Males engaged in homosexual relationships. As a rule they have absolutely no tolerance for women as a whole, and sometimes this misogyny rolls right over to the other side. Oddly, they are also generally faithful as a rule.


The Chinese zodiac Rooster‘s love is a tempestuous and dangerous place, where sadism and cruelty rein supreme. They use their relationships as an outlet for their cruel tendencies, tearing into their partner’s emotional weaknesses and prying them out, leaving them bare.

It is the tears and pain that is their focus, and what they feed on. In the case of Rooster males, they often will have a partner of the same gender as themselves, either openly or on the side. If a partner can learn to understand the Rooster’s deviancy, then they can find in them a passionate, devoted, and tolerant lover.