Chinese Zodiac Rabbit (Pisces)

Years Of The Rabbit:

February 19, 1939 – February 8, 1940
February 6, 1951 – January 26, 1952
January 25, 1963 – February 12, 1964

February 11, 1975 – January 30, 1976
January 29, 1987 – February 16, 1988
February 16, 1999 – February 4, 2000

February 3, 2011 – January 22, 2012
January 22, 2023 – February 9, 2024
February 8, 2035 – January 27, 2036

Chinese Horoscope & Numerological Associations:

Western Zodiac: The corresponding zodiac sign is Pisces

Earthly Branch of Birth Year: Mao is the earthly branch

Chinese Elements: The Chinese element for the Rabbit is Wood (mu)

Yin/Yang Orientation:Yin is associated with the Rabbit

Lucky Herbs: The lucky herbs for the Chinese Rabbit are Snapdragon, Lily, Nerve Plant

Lucky Direction: The lucky directions are East, South-East, South

Lucky Season:Spring is the lucky season for the Rabbit

Lucky Colors: Good colors the Chinese Rabbits are Red, Pink, Purple, Blue

Unlucky Colors: Colors to avoid for the Rabbit are Dark Brown, Dark Yellow,White

Lucky Numbers: The auspicious numbers for Rabbits are 3, 4, 9

Unlucky Numbers: Numbers best avoided by the Rabbit are 1, 7, 8

Chinese Horoscope Rabbit Compatibility:

The Chinese zodiac signs compatible with Rabbit are Sheep, Pig, Dog and the signs that are not compatible are Rat and Dragon.

Personality Traits:

The Chinese Zodiac Rabbit is aware of their motivations, feelings, and movements. But sometimes they question their behaviors in social situations. They know they have conducted themselves to the best of their ability, but are never quite certain if that means they behaved correctly.

The Chinese Rabbit has a tendency towards introversion, finding himself content in the quieter, lonely moments that come their way. Rabbits are touchy, it’s not hard to hurt their feelings. But you may never know as they’ll bury that away. 

The Rabbit sign are creatures of order, and disorder will set them completely ill. It is harmony that is at a Rabbit’s heart. For all their tenderheartedness, all they want is to be loved and accepted, even while maintaining themself in a place of seclusion.


The Rabbit‘s strengths are a keen awareness of their inner self. Time spent in seclusion contemplating their motivations is important to Rabbit. They have a tendency towards outward control. What a Rabbit feels is their business, and what lays beneath is deeply private. This allows them to appear calm and collected even when they’re feeling otherwise.

The Rabbit characteristics show that they know when to speak, and when to withhold speech. They never bother to speak when what they have to say is not worthwhile. Rabbits are deeply focused on self-improvement, and thus will pursue perfection in all things in their lives.

The most comforting thing about the Rabbit is that their honesty is beyond question. Deception is simply not in their nature. Their analytical nature doesn’t stop with themselves. He can turn that to others, and is adept at dissecting their nature.


Some of Rabbit sign’s best assets can be some of their greatest weaknesses. Rabbits are timid around other people, while caring deeply about what they think. Their innate sensitivity can get them easily hurt, while their retention of their emotions keeps them from letting others know they’ve been hurt.

The Rabbit man or Rabbit woman enjoys living in the safety of their home. But this can lead to them becoming a hermit, secluding themselves from the world. They are honest, but this also means they are incapable of even the gentlest of deceptions. Their analytical nature, unfortunately, can lead them to becoming disillusioned about human nature, and resentful about those they associate with.


The Rabbit sign is a diligent worker, careful in all their endeavors. Provided their deep need for freedom is met, they are capable of being amazing producers in the workplace. But they must have their own security and be their own boss. Their concern over their sense of security leaves them unable to cope with being under another’s thumb.

The Rabbit wants a secure office with a comfortable workplace, not adventure or travel. It is important to know that a Rabbit is primarily concerned with their own security and welfare, and this can stand in the way of their sense of concern for others.

Chinese Rabbit As A Boss:

Rabbit as a boss is going to be an excellent leader if you are seeking solid and secure income. They don't take unnecessary chances, but will take what seems like odd directions that turn out magnificently for them. They have that sense for buried riches, for finding the value in things that others can’t quite see the point of.

The Rabbit as a boss will broker deals with ease, their diplomatic abilities are beyond disappointment. They are well-mannered, gracious, and persuasive, seeing their way through to a mutually agreeable decision where others were left unable to reach an accord.

Chinese Rabbit As A Co-Worker:

The Rabbit as a co-worker can be touchy, they can work in conjunction with others, and will gladly negotiate out divisions of labor and project plans. Their sensitivity to others emotions and opinions allows them to come to a reasonable accord and keep the workplace friendly and warm. Their major failing can be a sort of timidity, which, if they don't overcome, can lead to a decided difficulty in taking advantage of opportunities.


In Chinese astrology, the Rabbit prefers to be independent financially, squirreling away money for later days and keeping themselves secure without the assistance of others. No matter how much money a Rabbit has packed away, it isn’t ever ‘enough’. They always wants to make ‘just a little more' so that their security is solidly in place. This can end up being a problem, as they can hesitate in putting money to work in the interest of having money ‘put away’. In these circumstances they can wind up being stingy, and more than a little over-concerned with the bottom line.

Dating A Chinese Zodiac Rabbit:

The Chinese zodiac Rabbit is not particularly sentimental, They are deeply in touch with the thoughts and emotions of those around them. They don’t immediately fall in love, and in fact this emotion can be quite difficult for them.

While dating, the Rabbit does not have much tolerance for human flaws in their partner, a direct result of their sometimes over-inflated opinion of themselves. Attempting to seduce a Rabbit is a fool’s bargain. Their shyness extends itself to having to be the initiating member of a relationship.

The big problem for Rabbit is that relationships require shared sentimentality, and that speaks against everything that they stand for personally. It offends their sense of decency, and certainly their typical reserved nature.


The Rabbit Chinese sign lacks self-confidence as a rule, and this can create problems with their love relations. Their appetite is plentiful, but their sense of decency can leave them being a bit prudish. Even if their appetites run deeper, they’re too reserved to act on them.

Getting through to a Rabbit requires getting through into their emotional burrow. Showing patience and understanding with him or her can get them to open up in this area. Their habits lean towards a tender and careful lover, deeply connected with those they share these intimacies with. They must be, their fragile emotional nature makes it impossible for it to be otherwise.