Chinese Zodiac Dragon (Aries)

Years Of The Dragon:

February 9, 1940 – January 26, 1941
January 27, 1952 – February 13, 1953
February 13, 1964 – February 1, 1965

January 31, 1976 – February 17, 1977
February 17, 1988 – February 5, 1989
February 5, 2000 – January 23, 2001

January 23, 2012 – February 9, 2013
February 10, 2024 – January 25, 2025
February 28, 2036 – February 14, 2037

Chinese Horoscope & Numerological Associations:

Western Zodiac: The corresponding star sign for the Dragon is Aries

Earthly Branch of Birth Year: Chen is the yearly Dragon branch

Chinese Elements: Tu (earth) corresponds to the Dragon sign

Yin/Yang Orientation: The Dragon is associated with Yang

Lucky Herbs:Bleeding Heart and Larkspur are good for the Dragons

Lucky Direction:West, North, Northwest are lucky directions for the Chinese zodiac Dragon

Lucky Season:Spring is the lucky season for the Dragon

Lucky Colors:Silver and Gold are lucky colors for the Year of the Dragon people

Unlucky Colors: Colors to avoid are Red, Green, Purple, Black

Lucky Numbers:1, 6, 7 are good numbers for the Chinese Dragon

Unlucky Numbers:3, 8, 9 are not auspicious numbers for the Dragon

Chinese Zodiac Dragon Compatibility:

The Dragon compatibility with the Rat, Monkey and Rooster is excellent while that with the Ox, Rabbit and Dog isn’t too great.

Personality Traits:

The Chinese zodiac Dragon is the aristocrat, proud, deliberate, and absolutely self-assured. The are the very image of class, and tend towards being tall, slender, and powerfully built. Their attitude is displayed in their grace.

The Dragon sign is often likely to being a feline, absolutely calm and self-assured. Their voice is deep and ringing, and their eyes carry a thoughtful and tender expression. But they also come with an underlying maliciousness for those who displease them. They are an absolute workhorse when the time calls for it, determination in their dedication to completing a task.


The Chinese Dragons are deeply self-assured, absolutely without doubt when it comes to their own magnificence. They are forever self-sufficient. Not only is Dragon comfortable in the limelight, it is their preferred place to be.

The Dragon personality will always be the dominant one in the room. They will not accept anything less than complete success in whatever they pursue. Their confidence by all appearances is unbreakable, and this will draw people to them like a moth to the flame. The Dragon‘s charisma boosts this, and they will almost inevitably migrate to a point of commanding others. But their elders will always be shown the utmost respect.


The Chinese Dragon sign, for all their hype, have a tendency to be one of the most flawed individuals. Their over-confidence is a mask for their deep insecurity. Their arrogance can drive away those who would work with them. In their passion to work through a task, they can overwork those who would work with them.

The Dragon demands to be in command, even if they have no right to be at all. Their bravado and arrogance is a mask they wear over a deep concern of committing social mistakes and errors. They can be blinded by their own false pride, leading them to strike others as nothing other than arrogant with their boasting and self empowerment. And worst of all is their ability to be vindictive and spiteful to those who have wronged them.


The Chinese Dragon zodiac sign is driven in the workplace, always knowing that their rightful place is at the top of the heap. They will be in a high-profile job, always driving forth for the next great adventure, the next great ambition. And they are uniquely suited to bringing them about.

People born in the Dragon years are showy. Their best place is standing in the limelight, forever on stage before the crowd. Their creativity is an asset, but they hate menial jobs. To the Dragon this is utterly beneath them.

Chinese Dragon As A Boss:

The Dragon sign as a boss is utterly driven. They will be charming and persuasive, driven to succeed, and will take their team along with them to success. They will navigate the office politics with absolute finesse, charming, and schmoozing those around them into motion. They will know when to be completely honest, and when to practice their openness a bit more honestly.

The Dragon is utterly efficient when in charge, allowing their enthusiasm to drive them. But stay out of the way of the frustrated Dragon. If things start slowing down, easing back, then their temper will get the best of them. They will rage at those around them, venting their criticism to all who stand in their way.

Chinese Dragon As A Co-Worker:

As a Co-worker you will find the Chinese zodiac Dragon efficient and forward-moving, and overall a charming work companion. They will be the creative force of the venture, using all their charm and magnetism to pull together the team they are part of. They are an incredibly hard worker, and will not leave their partners waiting.

If there are boring or repetitive tasks, take them upon yourself. The Dragon will not excel in these, and will quickly become emotionally turbulent and frustrated with them. All in all, Dragons can be the perfect co-worker, diligent, enthusiastic, and ambitious. Your only concern in this place is that Dragons will have a tendency to take the credit for all the accomplishments made by the team. They firmly believe that they believe their place is at the head of all things.


Dragon is a creature of comforts in Chinese astrology. You will find them among fine wines and rich meals, in fitted clothes from the best tailors. Dragons live for luxuries, reveling in them and the self-indulgent joy they bring. Dragons are impressed by wealth and prestige in others, and manifest the same flamboyancy themselves.

The Dragon sign people tend to be big earners. A major importance in their lives is to make sure they can support the lavish lifestyle they are accustomed to. As such you can expect to see them constantly climbing the corporate ladder to greater and greater wealth and prestige.

Dating A Chinese Zodiac Dragon:

Chinese zodiac Dragons are utterly relentless in being who they are, and living the life they choose. As such when they partner with someone, what that person sees is absolutely what they get, without any reservations.

The situation with Dragons, however, is that they are hesitant to move forward with a relationship, as they are seeking their ideal partner. They can be difficult to live with, insensitive in their behaviors, as after all, you’re getting them unfiltered. Overall, they’re loving, warm, generous personalities who will shower their loved ones with gifts and attention while dating. 


The Dragon people are, overall, creatures of luxury and style. This extends to their behavior in love, which they will refine to an art form given the opportunity. The right partner will find romance with a Dragon to be a form of dance, an absolutely deep-seated artistic expression of passion and beauty. The person who can grasp a Dragon’s heart and imagination will find themselves thoroughly gratified mentally and emotionally. The biggest down-fall to being intimate with a Dragon man or Dragon woman is the danger of accidentally undermining their loyalty.