Whippoorwill's nocturnal nature teaches the art of night time movements and camouflage. The art of invisibility may be utilized when he appears. Heightened senses may be activated at twilight, dawn with special emphasis on moonlit nights. It is time to adjust your cycle to correspond to the lunar one. Pay attention to the cycles and themes you are experiencing around the moon phases. The waxing moon is the most opportune time to start anew, perhaps 1 or 2 things stand out. Whippoorwill will show that you can be grounded while uncovering what is hidden but it may warrant that you keep a low profile for a time. Art of moving at night and maneuverability; unconscious, subconscious and dreams. It is time to listen to sounds in the spiritual realm and in your surroundings. Are you hovering or circling and ready to accept what you prey upon when it appears? Whippoorwill shows how to adapt to this new phase.